# Retaliation

Last month
April 2024
Biden expecting Iran to attack Israel but warns it won't 'succeed', as IDF pounds Gaza
This year
Biden announces 500 further sanctions on Russia over Navalny's death
All time
Russia would have ‘no justification’ for expelling Irish diplomats, Oireachtas Committee told
US bombs sites in Syria used by Iran-backed militia
US launches air strikes against Iran-backed militia after Iraq base attack
Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch mourns his brother as family asks for no retaliation
Spotify responds to Apple Music's launch by saying it now has 75m users
Female journalists who criticised Mayweather over domestic violence say they were banned from fight
North Korea warns of 'unpredictable retaliatory strikes' against South
Israel: Hamas will pay. Hamas: Start a war and you'll open the gates of hell
Ukraine's landmark EU trade pact has sparked a vow of retaliation from Russia
US forces to 'punish' Syria, not push regime change
US threatens Syria over 'obscene' chemical strike
Emergency NATO meeting called after Syrian shell kills five people in Turkey
WATCH: Fan attacks keeper, keeper kicks back, match abandoned