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The word of Rod: celebrating the wisdom of Roddy Collins
The former Derry City manager is always entertaining.

1. Roddy on: reputation

“People talk about me because I wear brown and white shoes on the Late Late Show”.

killianm2 / YouTube

2: Roddy on: negotiation

“Howya, love. Sam Allardyce, please.”

killianm2 / YouTube

3. Roddy on: delegation

“Caroline, the arse is ripped out of me trousers here. Can you send Sinead down, when she’s coming, with me grey suit trousers? I’m in bits. They’re all pulling the arse off me underpants.”

killianm2 / YouTube

4. Roddy on: philosophy

“What the f**k am I doing here?”

killianm2 / YouTube

5. Roddy on: fashion

“I love clothes. I think it’s great. Presentation is so important. Me Father got buried in an absolutely beautiful suit, people thought it was a shame. But that was the way it was. When I was a kid at school, I remember the head teacher remarked to me Mother that I was better dressed than the bank manager down the road.”

killianm2 / YouTube

6. Roddy on: reflection

“Where did it all go wrong?”

killianm2 / YouTube

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