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The excruciating randomness of gambling on rugby summed up in one betting slip

This slip proves that the bookies know more about rugby than everyone except Joe Schmidt.

WE ARE NOW 40% of the way through the 2015 Six Nations and besides enjoying the rugby a few of you have probably had the odd bet too.

There is nothing wrong with placing a small wager on a game to raise the stakes a little but as one supporter found out, the small margins of the Six Nations can leave you in tears as you tear up yet another betting slip.

One reader, Phil O’Meara, had a treble on the weekend’s Six Nations games so all three selections had to come through for him to win. In case you missed the action, England won by 30, France lost by seven and Wales won by three.

This was Phil’s slip…


Amazingly the bookies got each handicap dead on (at least at the time this bet was made) so anyone who bet either side of the handicap lost, which means the bookies made a killing.

It really is remarkable how often matches finish a point or two either side of the handicap. You’ve got to feel for Phil this time though because only sadists bet on handicap draws.

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