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IT WAS DAY TWO of the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club in Chicago, Illinois. Europe set out with a task of turning the scoreboard blue but the Americans had other ideas.

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United States 10-6 Europe

Good afternoon all. Patrick McCarry here for an epic stint of Ryder Cup action. Europe started immensely but the Americans started to rattle in birdies and never stopped. The only shining light was the Belgian with a quirky sense of humour and a huge drive, Nicolas Colsaerts. 5-3 down at the moment, Europe will not want to go into the Singles at a disadvantage.

Here are your foursomes groupings (GMT) for this afternoon:

  • 1.20 – Webb Simpson/Bubba Watson (USA) v Justin Rose/Ian Poulter (Europe)
  • 1.35 – Keegan Bradley/Phil Mickelson (USA) v Lee Westwood/Luke Donald (Europe)
  • 1.50 – Jason Dufner/Zach Johnson (USA) v Nicolas Colsaerts/Sergio Garcia (Europe)
  • 2.05 – Jim Furyk/Brandt Snedeker (USA) v Rory McIlroy/Graeme McDowell (Europe)

Ian Poulter is listening to a mix of loud music and crowd noise on his headphones during morning practice. That should get him ready for a morning of golf in the midst of a boisterous home crowd. Keegan Bradley, who putted like a demon yesterday, has been out already to pump up the Americans in the stands.

Someone must have told Monty on Sky Sports to get his positivity on. He is recalling the comeback at Celtic Manor when Europe came back from a 6-4 deficit to clinch the trophy. In 2008 it was USA 5 1/2 to Europe’s 2 1/2 but the States won that one.

Here comes the first foursome of the day. The Americans are whooping it up. Bubba Watson is going to stoke it up again I’m sure.

First drives are away. Poulter encouraged the Europeans to cheer through his tee-off and they did, with more than a sprinkling of ‘USA, USA’ in there too. He finds a bunker 260 yards up the left. Bubba steps up and gets the crowd going too. His shot heads the same way but bounces over the bunker into the rough.

Absolute beauty from Rose out on the bunker. He has left his teammate with a 10-foot uphill putt for birdie. Webb Simpson finds the green but not as accurately as Rose. 30-foot putt for Watson.

Bang! Poulter gets his birdie and Europe go 1 Up in the first match.

The sky-writers are busy as they have now spelt ‘Rory’s Gonna Get You’. It takes five planes to write this wispy text in the skies. What a lavish over-spend!

Donald is going to tee-off next for the holders.

Straight up the middle for ‘LLLUUUUKKKEE’. Can any team, or person, stop Mickelson and Bradley? We are about to find out. Bradley lets fly. He has belted it but it finds the rough.

Over on the second hole, a Par 3, Rose dunks his iron shot into the sand.

Webb Simpson flirts with the bunker that gobbled up Rose’s shot but stays out.

Westwood replicates that wonderful chip of Rose at the first and another birdie chance for Europe. Poulter’s bunker shot on the second gives his playing partner a 12-foot putt for par.

Mickelson has ringed an iron shot to within 12 inches on the hole at the first. A gimme. Donald then misses his birdie putt and Bradley/Mickelson are 1 Up.

Webb Simpson misses a four-foot putt on the second, in match one, and Europe stay 1 Up. A real let off.

Rose & Poulter 1 up Simpson & Watson thru’ 2

Bradley & Mickelson 1 up Westwood & Donald thru’ 1

Early disaster for Europe as the obviously out of form Westwood plonks one in the water, via a bank by the green. Mickelson’s shot is 12 feet from the pin. Looks like it will be 2 Down after two.

Colsaerts up next to make us all feel better. He was asked yesterday what he brings to the European team. His response: ‘A really big weapon.”

Double bogey for Westwood and Poulter on the second as a bogey putt veers left. On the third hole Simpson chips to within three feet after a booming drive by Watson. Colsaerts and Dufner find the fairway on the first.

Rose & Poulter A/S Simpson & Watson thru’ 3

Bradley & Mickelson 2 up Westwood & Donald thru 2

Garcia’s chip into the first is good but not good enough. Zach Johnson’s is better and a 10 to 12-foot putt will await Dufner. Garcia has won eight of his 10 foursomes matches. Here’s what team captain, José María Olazábal has to say:

(The start) was amazing to watch … We were outplayed yesterday. We know that the Americans are really eager to get their trophy back and they came out of the box yesterday ready … I told the guys that they have to be more intense out there. We need to gain ground (this morning).

Bradley’s drive on three was poor but Phil Mickelson has chipped to 12 feet out and given his partner another great chance to punish Europe. Westwood’s chip in to the green was decidedly average. Dufner misses his birdie putt on one and the hole is halved.

Johnson & Dufner A/S Garcia & Colsaerts thru 1

Olazábal said moments ago that he had to select his best eight players but Westwood is not in good form at all. I suppose his name garners more respect than the likes of Molinari or Lawrie. Martin Kaymer was not up to scratch yesterday.

McDowell to tee off in the last of today’s foursomes. He finds that left-hand bunker again. Solid Jim Furyk sticks it safely down the right.

Fashio watch: Europe in snazzy pink and lilac while the USA are in sensible navy, augmented by white trimmings.

Bradley misses the chance to put his pairing three up. Meanwhile, Zach Johnson lands a pearler on the Par 3 second hole. Colsaerts misses his birdie putt. Rose and Poulter look set to split the fourth hole and, yes, they do.

Dufner and Johnson go 1 Up against Garcia and Colsaerts – Europe’s new dream team. Lee Westwood has left Luke Donald with a tough chip from behind a tree. He is in bad, bad form, our Lee.  Bradley’s chip from the trees is much better. McIlroy with a fine bunker shot on the first to give G-Mac a birdie chance. Snedeker chips to within Rory’s shot though. Game on!

Webb Simpson with a beaut of a pitch and run gives his pairing another birdie chance. McDowell then slides his putt past the hole. On the fourth, Donald drops a fine putt from 10-foot to halve the hole. Poulter has flubbed a chip on the fifth.

  • Snedeker & Furyk 1 up McIlroy & McDowell thru 1
  • Johnson & Dufner 1 up Garcia & Colsaerts thru 2
  • Bradley & Mickelson 2 up Westwood & Donald thru 4
  • Simpson & Watson A/S Rose & Poulter thru 4

Rose is saving the day in the first match out. Brandt Snedeker nearly gets a hole in one on the second with an amazing iron shot. McIlroy hits a nice one too but, once again, Snedeker’s is better. Seven birdies dropped so far and six have come from America. Simpson birdies to put his side 1 Up and turn the board all red!

Westwood ignores the heckles to find the green. Lefty has the hybrid club out to punch up, on and past the fifth green. McDowell needs a birdie here on two. He misses again, right side this time. Furyk can putt for 2 Up next. Salvation as he pulls it left. Dufner misses his birdie putt on three to halve the hole.

(That scoreboard screen-grab was courtesy of Keegan Bradley is human after all. His flop chip is too heavy and Westwood will have a good chance to claw a hole back. Poulter is not playing well and misses the green with his iron shot from 150 yards.

Westwood pumped up after getting his birdie on five but it is only for a half as Mickelson sank his from further back.

Bradley & Mickelson 2 up Westwood & Donald thru 5

Rose saves the day again with a super chip. Simpson lays his putt to within a foot of the hole. Poulter drops it for the half. Over on three McDowell has missed his third birdie putt in succession and they could yet drop back further. Furyk batters his putt past the hole and Snedeker won’t like that. He gets it in though, as does McIlroy.

Colsaerts’ mojo is gone as he lips a putt to cost his pairing another hole. Luke Donald then plops one into the bunker. Bradley’s not happy with his shot but catches the green. All going wrong for Europe.

  • Snedeker & Furyk 1 up McIlroy & McDowell thru 3
  • Johnson & Dufner 2up Garcia & Colsaerts thru 4
  • Bradley & Mickelson 2 up Westwood & Donald thru 5
  • Simpson & Watson 1 up Rose & Poulter thru 6

Westwood in the bunker and it is a decent shot. 10-foot putt for a European half – I’ve typed that a fair few times already.

Rose wayward with his iron shot and now chance of a birdie on that hole. Simpson hits a rake, 10 yards from the green with his shot.No European charge. Donald lips out his putt and they fall back to 3 Down against Mickelson and Bradley. The Englishmen have carded a double bogey and bogey in the first six holes.

Nice by Bubba as he lofts a chip to within 12-feet from a tough position. Shocker! Poulter chips straight into the bunker. Another hole looks like slipping away. Rose with the bunker shot now and it is excellent. That’s a par-saving bunker shot.

McDowell finally drops a putt but it is only for a par and a half.

Mickelson and Bradley on the green at seven in two shots. Johnson misses a putt to win the fifth hole and the US remain 2 Up over Garcia and Colsaerts.

With Mickelson on the green, Donald drops his shot into the greenside bunker. These two lads are playing below average when brilliant is needed.

David Elkin in Toronto, we were wondering where you were? Here is what he has to say:

ESPN in the US have just shown a montage of Keegan Bradley and Mickleson set to the song “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. A sample lyric of which is “We’re always better when we’re together/We’ll look at the stars when we’re together”. I’m all for epic slow-motion montages, as everyone is, but that was weird. What a bizarrely romantic choice of song.

So, the Americans predictably came out storming this morning. Lee Westwood putting his drive into the water on 2 shows he is continuing his form from yesterday. I thought he should have been selected this morning (due to the lack of other quality options) but I expected him to prove a point. Like, his belligerence would for once be an asset. But, no. Doesn’t look that way.

I don’t think the Colsaerts and Garcia partnership will work all that well. Colsaerts can’t keep yesterday’s -10 form up again and Garcia is just lacking confidence. Hopefully I’m wrong there. Yet again, I feel it’s up to the Poulter/Rose and McIlroy/McDowell established partnerships to get us points.

If you have anything you want to share with us, email me at, send us a tweet or message on Facebook. You can also leave a comment below. Try to cheer me up!

Stink fumes coming off Europe here. Donald saves the day again with a long putt after Westwood’s ordinary bunker shot. 25 minutes since Europe have won a hole. Mickelson drops his tiddler and it is USA 4 Up after seven holes. Give me strength.

McIlroy goes way right and nearly hits Olazábal’s parked cart, 40 yards from the green. Rose and Poulter then bogey on eight and Simpson has a chance to go 2 Up with Watson. He misses left.

Donald and Westwood are in so much trouble. Snedeker starting to pump it up and he drops a putt to extend his pairing’s advantage to 2 Up. Garcia showing form on the sixth with a handy chip to win that hole. Silver lining to a gigantic cloud.

Rose with a fantastic iron approach on nine and Simpson finds the bunker with his chip. This match could soon be level. Bradley then misses the chance to put the USA 5 Up in his match. Mickelson gets the half with a par.

Huge putt coming up for Poulter here – this will level their match. Eight feet away and down-slope. Yes! We’re all square.

Simpson & Watson A/S Rose & Poulter thru 9

Could that be the start of the European comeback? McIlroy has a 40-foot putt for birdie that is centimetres away from dropping. That match will remain firmly in American hands. Hold up, Snedeker has flumped his chip and left Furyk with a tricky par putt but he dispatches it. Davis Love III has confirmed that Tiger Woods will be back for the afternoon’s fourballs.

Furyk & Snedeker 2 Up McIlroy & McDowell thru 6

Donald misses a 20-foot birdie putt and Bradley will have a nibble for a 5 Up lead. Watson sets up Simpson with his second shot on the Par 5 1oth.

Bradley sinks it and pumps his fist like a maniac. Westwood better not be out there this afternoon.

Bradley & Mickelson 5 up Westwood & Donald thru 9

David Elkin is on from Canada again with more astute observations. “But when Lee Westwood is one of your go-to guys it is a sad indictment,” he emailed. “Westwood looks like he was taking pointers from Martin Kaymer in the team room last night. Truly woeful performance the last two days.” David added:

But not to take it away from the US. Mickleson and Bradley are supreme. Davis Love III (or, DL3 as he is inventively nicknamed) has said that he won’t play any player in all five sessions, but he would be a fool to break them up in the afternoon just to stick to a self-imposed rule. Still, he would probably just pluck a multiple major winner from the bench and eviscerate Europe that way.

Simpson’s chip into 10 is not amazing, for a change, and it is a slight advantage for Europe. Watson overcooks his putt and the advantage widens.

Watson & Simpson 1 down Poulter & Rose thru 10

Let’s check in on Westwood and Donald, the Out-of-Formers. Lee is in a bunker and he reaches the green. The US are on the green in two, however, so that looks like another hole up in smoke. Colsaerts and Garcia are still 1 down after eight holes, while McIlroy and McDowell are 2 down.

Rose, you legend! His iron approach from 130 yards is on the money and another birdie chance is coming up. Simpson, from 105 away, goes closer but the spin takes it a couple of feet back. Watson will putt first. Mickelson almost holes from 30-foot away. Donald’s putt misses and the USA are 6 up in this match.

McIlroy lips a birdie putt out on the seventh. Bad miss.

  • Snedeker & Furyk 2 up McIlroy & McDowell thru 7
  • Johnson & Dufner 1 up Garcia & Colsaerts thru 8
  • Bradley & Mickelson 6 up Westwood & Donald thru 10
  • Simpson & Watson 1 down Rose & Poulter thru 11

Watson’s putt is excellent and Poulter must follow him in. They cannot cede momentum. Nails it and bellows ‘COME OONNNNN!!’

Colsaerts drops a beauty but Dufner matches the effort. The Americans stay one ahead.

Lee Westwood with another reasonable shot on the Par 4 11th but Phil Mickelson steps up again to backspin his approach to within 10 feet. This torture will be over soon.

Hope on 12 as Simpson’s drive goes way left. On the eighth hole, Furyk and Snedeker bogey to give McIroy and McDoweel a hole back. Just 1 Up in that match now.

Luke Donald must be tired of carrying Westwood on his back this morning (Chicago time). His putt is close but not close enough. Bradley with his putt now to make it 7 Up. Miss. The drawn-out process of a sad defeat continues.

What a botch from Poulter as no-one seems to want this 12th hole. The Americans in trouble, Watson trying to save the day, but Poulter may have found water.

Bubba: Putting out fires again. (Credit: Sky Sports)

That Poulter shot was perilously close to the water. Rose gets it up to the fringe. They could be having this hole in five.

Trouble, trouble, trouble for Simpson and Watson as Webb’s chip trickles back down after hitting the top of the bank. Snedeker and Furyk take the turn 1 Up after McDowell misses a tricky birdie opportunity.

Poulter bangs a thrilling birdie in for par and they lead. Over on 12, Mickelson’s wayward tee-shot has almost left Bradley in another State.

  • Snedeker & Furyk 2 up McIlroy & McDowell thru 9
  • Simpson & Watson 2 down Rose & Poulter thru 11

A fresh dispatch from David Elkin in Toronto:

All the matches seem to have tightened up a bit (apart from the debacle with Westwood/Donald) thanks to good putting from Colsaerts and Poulter in their matches. We need to stay in them, and start to put some pressure on the US. It has been far too easy for them so far this morning. The Poulter/Rose opening match is so, so important. I was surprised to see Poulter “rested” yesterday afternoon. He is the energy of the European team, their best putter under pressure. His record at the Ryder Cup is epic so hopefully him and Rose can pull through a tight match.

The Irish boys have come back into it, more due to Furyk/Snedeker mistakes than anything. They need to get going with their own games though. Hasn’t really worked for GMac since yesterday morning. But they are the marquee European team and it will have to start working for them at some stage this weekend.

Bradley’s attempt to rescue the situation on 12 has not gone well and Donald and Westwood might be fighting back to respectability.

Poulter’s iron shot on the Par 3 13th just about makes the green but Watson plonks his shot in the bunker.

Dufner and Johnson can only get a par on the 10th but Colsaerts and Garcia can’t top it. Colsaerts was the man for Europe last night, Rose and Poulter are the men today. The American men? There’s about six of them ripping it up out there.

Mickelson ain’t giving it up on 12 as he pitches to within two feet. Webb Simpson has imploded on 13 as he shanks his bunker recovery attempt. Justin Rose can not make them pay as he leaves his chip and run short.

Game over for Donald and Westwood as they lose 7&6. That is a tonking.

  • Bradley & Mickelson 7&6 Westwood & Donald

Some tonic for Europe after that beating for Westwood and Donald. Colsaerts’ birdie levels matters on the 10th.

Simpson halves the 13th by dropping his bogey putt. Sloppy stuff from Poulter and Rose.

This is the last thing Europe need. Garcia balloons a drive way off to the right and Colsaerts will need to pull out a great recovery shot to keep this match level.

Mickelson says he has been excited by Bradley’s excitement and has called on him for pep talks throughout their three wins. The dynamic duo have only played 44 holes in their three matches but could be rested for the fourballs. I’d keep them going but I’m only Patrick McCarry III, not Davis Love III.

David Elkin thinks that splitting the foursomes may prove to be a stretch and reveals that Monty has shown up on ESPN’s coverage of the Ryder Cup. He also laments the performance of Lee Westwood today (and yesterda). You and me both mate.

Colsaert has hit a spectator with that recovery attempt, following that Garcia drive. The Spaniard has a tough chip to try and get close to the hole.

Not much Garcia could do with that chip and he rolls one all the way off the green and down the same bank that outfoxed Simpson. Furyk drains a birdie putt to make it 2 Up in that game. Momentum swing again. Time to scratch the 12th hole for Garcia and Colsaerts. They look like they’ll get double bogey at best.

Snedeker & Furyk 2 up McIlroy & McDowell thru 10

Justin Rose with a sublime bunker shot to give his pairing a chance. Watson from 10-foot walks after his putt as it drops in. They are still 2 Down but getting the crowd up regardless.

The USA might win the 12th with a bogey. They have two putts to win and Dufner steps up. It sneaks in the back door and they win it with a par.

Johnson & Dufner 1 up Garcia & Colsaerts thru 12

Furyk  lands a beauty of an approach that McDowell nearly matches. McIlroy misses his birdie putt. They haven’t got a birdie all day. Gawds! Europe will putt first there. Poulter leaves his birdie putt close and leaves Watrson with the chance to be a hero. Misses it left and the hole is not done and dusted it.

Snedeker’s birdie putt misses and that hole is not over yet either.

Simpson gets the putt back and Furyk does likewise. Halves in both matches. Johnson has a putt to win 13 but it squeaks by. Colsaerts then misses a dolly from four-foot to gift wrap that hole for the Americans.

  • Snedeker & Furyk 2 up McIlroy & McDowell thru 12
  • Johnson & Dufner 2 up Garcia & Colsaerts thru 13
  • Simpson & Watson 2 down Rose & Poulter thru 15

Good iron shots from Furyk and McDowell on 13 while Poulter and Watson go right and off-target with their aproaches. McIlroy from far, goes close but they just will not drop.

‘Hey Rory, how’s the putting working out for you today?’

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Furyk cleans up and the Americans are two up with five to go. Will McDowell go for the reachable 14th green?

Rose chokes on his chip and that should be a hole given back, especially if Simpson can play a good bunker shot.

Simpson’s effort is decent but hope floats for José María and his chums.

What a collection of dross from Poulter and Rose. Four shots gone and they still are nowhere near closing the hole out. Watson can win it from 12 feet away.

Miss by Bubba. Rose has to drain this bogey putt or it will be a tense finish. Terrible miss for a double bogey! Rose throws the ball into the spectators. Europe MUST NOT lose this match.

Simpson & Watson 1 down Rose & Poulter thru 16

Watson looking to show some finesse on 17 but finds the heart of the green. Keep it simple now Ian…

I don’t know what just happened on 16, oh wait, I do. A disaster. Nonetheless, Poulter plants a peachy one within 14 feet. If they sink that putt it could be a big blue point.

Garcia gives Colsaerts a good birdie chance on 14. Johnson chips a flubber into the bunker so there could be a shot back here.

Joey Barton’s getting angry again:

Good news y’all. Paul Lawrie is on the practice grounds! Rose misses his putt to win their match but it is looking good for Colsaerts and Garcia, despite the Belgian’s missed putt. How quickly it changes.

Poulter mops up Rose’s poor effort. Johnson, though, on 15, pours in his putt. A chance missed for the Soaniard and Belgian duo. Watson halves 17 to take the match to the last hole. What has happened to Justin Rose?

Simpson belts a mighty fine drive right up the middle. Rose steps up and veers left but it is not too bad. Thankfully for Europe there is not much rough to speak of. McIlroy has just pitched up to within 18 inches on 14. Here comes the first birdie of the day but Furyk only has a six-footer to halve the hole.

Garcia out-chips Johnson to give Europe hope on 15. Furyk gets his birdie so the Northern Irish duo can’t claw one back. Watson has just given the USA a realistic hope of halving their match with Poulter and Rose by dropping an approach to within 12 feet. “Don’t be scared Poulter,” heckles one fan.

Poulter looks happy and finds the green but the door is ajar for America. Dufner for birdie on 15 but he misses left. Colsaerts can win the hole if he drops his putt. It bends right and doesn’t drop. Looking like a lost cause.

Good lag putt from Rose and Webb Simpson now has the chance to halve a crucial match. 10-foot away.

He misses it. Great point from Rose and Poulter. They just hung on at the end.

Colsaerts gives Europe the advantage on 14. McDowell misses another birdie attempt on 15 and Snedeker putts for a par and halves the whole.

Garcia chips in on 16 for birdie and the win! One down with two to go. Beauty!

Here are your fourball pairings for the afternoon and, mercifully for Europe, Big Phil and Keegan Bradley have been rested.

  • Dustin Johnson/Matt Kuchar (USA) v Nicolas Colsaerts/Paul Lawrie (Europe)
  • Bubba Watson/Webb Simpson (USA) v Justin Rose/Francesco Molinari (Europe)
  • Tiger Woods/Steve Stricker (USA) v Sergio Garcia/Luke Donald (Europe)
  • Jason Dufner/Zach Jonson (USA) v Rory McIlroy/Ian Poulter (Europe)

Colsaerts – from hero to zero. He puts his Par 3 approach in the water. That looks like that. USA on course for an 8-4 lead.

David Elkin in Toronto opines:

Well, Poulter is a Ryder Cup legend. He was before today, but that was a serious performance. Or “clutch” as the US commentators say every few seconds. They use the term “clutch” more than your instructor during the first driving lesson.

Good to see McIlroy and Poulter paired together in the afternoon. Needless to say, it could be over after this mornings results. GMac has looked off pace for much of the three sessions, so it was inevitable he would be benched. I think we need a half point from one of the final two games. It would still constitute a loss for the session, but not a fatal one for the Cup in general.

Johnson with a long putt to get another point for the States. Lovely putt, leaves it close and Europe concede.

  • Johnson & Dufner 2&1 Garcia & Colsaerts

That’s it Rory. He grabs a birdie on 16 to bring it back to a one-shot game. Here comes the Par 3 17th and McDowell up first.

G-Mac comes to the party. Superb approach to within 12 feet of the hole. Furyk on the tee, 193 yards away, and he lands it safely on the green.

Here is what Justin Rose and Ian Poulter had to say for themselves:

It was crucial (to win). It was a very intense match, right from the first tee shot. We were 2 up but a poor second shot from me on 16 had us in trouble but, you know what, a win’s a win. – Ian Poulter

We won ugly today. We didn’t have our best up today so to win the match was massive. – Justin Rose

Snedeker’s putt looked good but eeks past. McIlroy can win the hole now…

It squirms to the left and misses. Europe can only halve this match now. McIlroy’s drive on 18 is right up the creamy centre of the fairway. Snedeker likes his drive but it lands in the bunker. Good lie though.

Furyk has 172 yards to the hole while McDowell is 131 away. If Europe can get a half point from this, it might make lunch taste a bit better.

Just take the shot Jim! He is a notoriously slow player and he finally puts away his Tarot cards and star charts and settles into the bunker. He lands it on the green. McDowell will need to put his effort close.

McDowell, that was awful. Plain awful. He never had control of that and has wedged it at the back of the green. McIlroy will need to replicate his PGA chip on 18 here to get a win out of this hole.

Darren Clarke puffing away on a cigar and vice-captaining the hell out of it as he amiably chats with Davis Love III.

McIlroy has the putter out. From the fringe, he runs it five feet past the hole.

Snedeker with a putt to win the match trickles it by but both putts are conceded. Why? Make them putt it out lads. Good grief.

  • Snedeker & Furyk 1 up McIlroy & McDowell

“We parred our way around the golf course and it just wasn’t just enough,” says McIlroy.

“We can absolutely mount a comeback,” says McDowell.

Righto, Adrian Russell checking while Pat heads for the catering tent for a half-hour break. G-Mac and Rory have just been on Sky as you might have seen. Two thoughts:

  • McDowell looks bate.
  • Do you believe him when he says they can turn this around between now and tomorrow tea-time?

Sergio Garcia: “I didn’t play very good.. at all. We got back to all square and I started spraying all over the place and we lost a couple of holes.”

His playing partner Nicolas Colsaerts, meanwhile, looks gutted. “You don’t feel that proud when you lose a point,” he says. “It’s painful.”

Butch Harmon reckons the Belgian is cracking under the pressure.

Tiger Woods is on the first tee box and is about to get underway for the afternoon again. He had the morning off remember.

The gallery was swaying right up until Bubba Watson walked away from the bleachers and up the fairway earlier and the European spectators seem to have now found their voice for Luke Donald and Sergio. That pairing has traditionally been a successful one for us Euros. They’ll have to put manners on Striker and Eldrick today if a comeback is on the cards. Here we go.

Patrick McCarry thanking Adrian for keeping it steady in my absence. Rose gets his three on the second. Both of the fourballs are all square.

Colsaerts nearly plonks one straight into the hole on the second. Lovely shot. Garcia backspins one to within two-feet on the first hole. Birdie coming up for him. Donald goes close to ease the pressure on that Spanish tap-in. Woods bounces his approach off the back of the green but Stricker stays on the green, just about.

Kuchar drops a stunner on the second as a 25-foot putt disappears. Colsaerts will need his birdie to halve the second now. Stricker looking for birdie but it curls left. Garcia is given his tap-in and Europe are 1 Up.

Miss for Colsaerts and the USA lead in match two. Watson and Simpson par the third. Here goes Poulter on the first. No cheering or hollering this time. It heads left, way left.

Sweet stuff from McIlroy as he whallops it down the first fairway. Johnson’s effort is effective, if not as bombastically long as some of his teammates. Dufner leathers his 15 yards past Johnson on the left-hand side.

Olazábal says his side need to sink some putts to dominate the afternoon. He added:

I don’t know the reason why (we’ve done poorly). They’ve done well all year but are underperforming. It’s a pretty important session now and we have to win, big time.

Simpson gets his pairing 1 Up with a fine putt on the third. Molinari not making an impact yet.

Stricker in the water on two and Woods facing a tricky chip, while Donald and Garcia are both within 20 feet. Better. Woods’ chip is too long.

Could this day get any worse? Yes. Yes it can. Dufner and Johnson pepper the green and have great birdie chances. Rory needs to match them. 60 yards to go. In the stinking bunker!

Here’s more fun:

G.W Bush likes what he sees. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Garcia misses birdie but Woods can’t get par and Europe take the hole and are 2 Up in that. Colsaerts just about rims one in for the half. Looking good for the USA on the first hole as Poulter and McIlroy can only get pars.

USA up in three of four as Johnson makes his putt. Check this projected score out:


“Starting out with Colsaerts and Lawrie I thought was slightly odd,” emails Paul from Toronto. “I think the pairing could work, but maybe not first off. Anyway, it goes without saying that we need better than parity here. We need a 3-1 in my book.”

Poulter just about avoids the water on two but not so for McIlroy. 10 yards too short and that ball is wet. He is not in top form. Donald lifts spirits on three with a fine approach. Woods is far too long again. “His distance control is horrendous,” says Butch.

Molinari misses a long putt to take the fourth.

Poor Tiger had to pull out a perfect flop shot to sneak it onto the green but it is not perfect and, hence, not yet on the green. He gets a heckle from a fan about being the States’ 13th man. Cruel, cruel jape. Garcia shows Tiger how it should be done.

Poulter with a delicate chip that should guarantee par and a half. Colsaerts gets it going on the fourth with a lovely approach from 110 yards out.

Dufner just misses out on birdie so Poulter should be able to halve that hole. McIlroy almost hit water with his third shot. Donald now misses birdie on four. 3 Up goes a-begging.

Sweet Moses that is not what we need. Poulter misses out on par and Europe are 2 Down after two holes in the final match. These two are supposed to be the go-to guys. As for Peter Hansen and Martin Kaymer – bet they are loving this.

Matt ‘KKUUUUCCHH’ Kuchar dispatches another epic birdie putt.

  • Johnson & Kuchar 2 Up Nicolas Colsaerts & Lawrie thru 4
  • Watson & Simpson 1 Up Rose & Molinari thru 4
  • Woods & Stricker 2 Down Garcia & Donald thru 3
  • Dufner & Johnson 2 Up McIlroy & Poulter thru 2

Colsaerts you filthy, filthy man. He cannot sink his birdie and Europe fall behind further. Flash in the pan?

Meanwhile, Woods is providing light relief by blowing up just about every shot he attempts.

Garcia is some fighter. Terrible drive but a superb recovery makes it onto the apron. Donald within 14 feet of the hole. Woods is out of this hole already so Stricker stands alone. He hits the best shot of all four men.

Poulter’s flop shot on three is better than Woods’ earlier attempt. Molinari then comes up short on a long birdie putt. One birdie for Team Europe so far. Tame stuff.

It is all about the putting as Simpson batters a 15-footer into its rightful place. He stays 1 Up with Watson.

Apart from 16 in the foursomes, McIlroy can not buy a putt. Another good chance wasted.

Stricker lips out with his attempt, leaving Donald and Garcia with a change to stretch their lead.

Loving the putts but the high fives just aren’t sticking:

Matt Kuchar and Dustin Johnson are happy men. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Gamesmanship from Woods and Stricker as the mothball about a needless Woods recovery chip. Garcia composes himself and drains a 20-footer to make it 3 Up after four holes.

President Obama’s old buddy, Rahm Emanuel, is at Medinah Country Club for the action. He is now the Mayor of Chicago so was always going to blag some primo tickets.

That is how a world number one should do it. Poulter with a fine approach but McIlroy lands his approach within 10 feet of the hole. Matt Kuchar continues to rack up birdies. That’s three for the cheerful American. They halve the fifth with Colsaerts and Lawrie.

Johnson and Dufner both miss out with their putts and there are two chances to cut the American lead. Poulter roars as he pours his in. Only 1 Down now after four. 18-foot putt for Poults.

Luke Donald with a beauty of a bunker shot to give him an easy birdie chance. Molinari lets the US off the hook with another, yet another, horrible putt. When is the Italian going to front up?

EAGLE! Steve Stricker gets it going and he needed to as Donald had a guaranteed birdie. Just 2 Down now.

Woods & Stricker 2 Down Garcia & Donald thru 5

Jimenez and Bernhard Langer having a chat in the galleries.  Johnson is on the fifth and could replicate Furyk’s eagle. Poulter is on in two on the Par 5 as well. Stricker is in the trees on six and Tiger Woods follows him. Europe could strike back immediately.

On the fifth, Dufner beams his 30 yards beyond the green. McIlroy up next, six iron in hand. Just too much on it. It’ll be Poulter v Johnson on that. Colsaerts is laughing on five after a botched putt but Lawrie gets a birdie to save his blushes. That’s a shot back.

Johnson & Kuchar 1 Up Nicolas Colsaerts & Lawrie thru 5

Yayy! Monty is back. Lighten my mood Colin. “We’re glad Tiger is out there because he’s not playing very well at all (pregnant pause), which is great.” Classic Monty!

McIlroy with a lovely, soft chip to set up a gimme birdie. It leaves Poulter with a dart at eagle. Here he goes but it doesn’t have enough gas in the tank. Johnson still to come there. Dufner makes his task easier with a 45-foot putt for birdie.

Watson puts the USA 2 Up against Molinari and Rose with a great up and down from the bunker.

Zach Johnson can’t make it eagle on five so the hole is halved after fours all around.

Donald misses his chance to win the sixth. Woods and Stricker both have chances to halve the hole, with Stricker’s the easier of the two. Woods up first and he waves it goodbye. Nice shot.

Rose on the Par 3 eighth and Simpson is very close already. The Englishman goes with two feet. stunning shot. Kuchar and Dustin Johnson are in trouble on the seventh and, if there is any justice on this swirling globe, that match will soon be all square.

Colsaerts with a sublime chip to guarantee par on the seventh. Here is what Paul Lawrie got up to on the fifth:

‘Get in the hole!’ (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

McIlroy faffs it into the bunker from only 120 yards on the sixth. Poulter is in there too. Donald was given his birdie but robot-putter Simpson just rattled in another 12-foot putt. Machine!

Watson & Simpson 2 Up Rose & Molinari thru 8

Good news for Europe as Colsaerts chip got him that birdie and squared up their match with D Johnson and Kuchar.

Johnson & Kuchar A/S Nicolas Colsaerts & Lawrie thru 7

Momentum is proving a problem as both Lawrie and Colsaerts go into the same bunker on the Par 3 eighth. No a major concern yet as the Americans are short of the green. Webb Simpson then rips one to within six feet of the pin on nine.

Now, now. Molinari finally shows up and betters Simpson’s shot on nine. Great stuff from bedroom eyes.

Lawrie’s bunker shot is delicious. That should be conceded. Kuchar steps up next and is two centimetres away from an audacious birdie.

On nine, Molinari goes for birdie. Four feet away. Gets it. Simpson won’t be missing his.

Simpson duly lasers it in. On the eighth, all pars so all square is the score. McIlroy and Poulter can turn the tide with a strong showing around the turn. Please.

Garcia getting some grief from the gallery at 7 but he holds it together to recover well. Woods has a birdie putt that saunters uphill before peeling away. Donald with his birdie attempt and it fades away right. Garcia has a pop next.

How close was that for Sergio? Answer: Very.

Stricker can whip up a storm here if he Ben Hogan’s it in. It feels like this hole has gone on for two hours. Howard Clark called it ‘paralysis by analysis’ and he’s correct. Stricker misses. Dissect that!

McIlroy off the green on the Par 5 seventh but Poulter is having a look. In the rough off the front. No eagles (I’d imagine) for Europe there. Lawrie is darn close but not close enough with a birdie attempt.

Zach Johnson with another humdinger of a shot. 80 yard bunker shot and he spins it within three feet of the hole.

Oh my! Luke Donald has done similar with a stunning iron approach on eight. Three feet away too. To deflate you somewhat though, Simpson burns in a six-footer to put his pairing 3 Up on 10. Rose and Molinari taking it here.

Poulter the next man to lip out a long birdie attempt. This hurts. McIlroy with his birdie try next. Get lost. Missed again. Johnson and Dufner can go 2 Up with one steady putt.

Dufner shows Europe how to do it. Donald provides respite with a fine birdie.

QUESTIONS: What are you all making of today’s action? Is there any way back for Europe?

Poulter goes within 10 feet at the Par 3 eighth. McIlroy not too far away. They need to drop a putt soon.

Molinari getting into his Italian groove on 11 and not a moment too soon/late. The projected scores at the moment have the USA five points ahead going into the Sunday Singles.

Look very closely and see if you can spot the moment when George Bush Sr puts a poor-putting hex on Rory:

McIlroy meets Bush the younger while Poppa Bush looks on approvingly. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Webb Simpson has poured in his fourth consecutive birdie. Unreal stuff. As for McIlroy, another drab putt misses out and that hole is shared. Colsaerts misses a 10-footer at 10 and, courtesy of Kuchar’s smooth putt, Europe go 1 Down.

Molinari gets a nice birdie, his third, but it is only for the half after that silky putt by Simpson. David Elkin is still up and watching it all unfold from Toronto:

It’s a sign of where we are at that the US commentators are speaking of a new generation of rookie Americans that can see them dominate the Ryder Cup for years. I think they are already counting this year down as a win, not that they would say it so obtusely, but the feeling is certainly there.

It does seem like the Europeans are playing better this afternoon. At least they are looking a little more comfortable. McIlroy though, he really hasn’t putted anything all week. He seems to be striking his other shots well, but the putting. I know it’s sometimes a problem for him.

I really think Poulter and McIlroy’s match holds the key to Europe’s chances of staying in it. Still, I just can’t get past the nagging suspicion that the US players in the singles will be unstoppable and will blast past us tomorrow afternoon.

Woods goes out in 39 after a weak putt. Stricker gets par while Donald birdies his short one. Europe dominating at the turn.

Woods & Stricker 4 Down Garcia & Donald thru 9

Some trash-talk from afar by former US Ryder Cup player Stewart Cink. He had a solid partnership with Kuchar in 2010.

They pepper the green on 11 with Europe playing a 4 Under and still behind by three. Simpson has been inspired.

Poulter and McIlroy come up short with two putts. Countless European putts with not enough juice in them. So many shots left out there. Zach Johnson has a chance to stretch the pairing’s lead. Similar line. He hit it hard to take the break out of it but too much perhaps.

Lawrie with a putt to win 11 but he strokes a tiddler past. Shocking from the Scot. Molinari is so so close with a chip on 12 but nothing is dropping. He flings his club to the ground. Good to see someone still cares out there.

Michael Walsh has got back in the comments section with his take on the day’s play:

  • Watson & Simpson 3 Up Molinari & Rose thru 12
  • Dufner & Johnson 1 Up McIlroy & Poulter thru 9

The projected score now 11-5, meaning the States would only have to win three, and halve one, of the 12 singles matches tomorrow.

For Pete’s sake! Garcia blubs one right and wide of the hole. Woods’ birdie makes it USA 3 Down.

Simpson on the Par 3 13th now. He can’t match the Europeans but, odds are, he’ll sink his putt while Rose and Molinari diddle around and leave it short. Give me some pep Europe.

McIlroy in the bunker on 10. Poulter is in a slightly better position. Zach Johnson’s thirs is a peach.

On 13, Watson runs his putt up to the hole so Simpson can have a dash. Molinari’s bunker shot is ok. Rose v Simpson here and Europe need this.

Donald’s putt is not good enough. Europe have got about four putts from over 15-foot all day. Wretched stuff. Simpson up next.

He does it again! 4 Up to the USA. Webb Simpson is a beast. Four up with five to play.

Poulter with a clutch putt for birdie. Zach Johnson matches it though. Woods and Stricker on the clock in their match. Woods has a good birdie chance there.

Oh, guess what happened on 12? Lawrie missed another putt left and it did not drop. Exasperating stuff. Hold on, Garcia has just done the same thing. In fairness to him, it was further out.

Lawrie and Colsaerts both manage to pull out absolutely appalling tee shots on the 13th. Advantage USA.

The Scot and Belgian chip out but will need good putts for par. Dustin Johnson tops that for a gimme par. Simpson proves he is human after all with a wayward second on 14. No rough to speak of so he won’t be too bad. Kuchar up now. Can he drain another monster putt?

‘No’ is your answer on that one.

Lawrie fights back with a fine hole-splitting putt. They stay 1 Down with six to play. They need birdies here to turn red to blue.

Stricker and Woods ain’t done yet. Stevey boy hits a very nice approach to within eight feet.

Bubba Watson has a eagle putt on 14 that will win the match if it plops in. He gets it to within six inches for his birdie, which is conceded. Rose needs to hole out here if they want to keep this game going.

Molinari is, you guessed it, short with his putt. Rose then takes his ball for a ride around the hole but it refuses to drop.

  • Simpson & Watson 5&4 Rose & Molinari

9-4 up for the USA now.

Poulter misses a 25-footer and another hole slips by for Europe. He is furious but remains 2 Down with seven to play. Stricker birdies on 12 and gets it back to 2 Down. A crucial 90 minutes ahead of us.

Quick word about Webb Simpson. The American was in spectacular form and drained at least seven pressure putts from between 10 and 15 feet. Watson, the flamboyant playing partner, was happy to back him up with steady pars throughout, chipping in with birdies when he was called upon.

Simpson says, “There is nothing like the Ryder Cup. I can style remember that first shot and that first birdie yesterday. I could just feel my heart beating.”

Tiger Woods has just played a blinder on the Par 3 13th. He’ll have a four-foot putt for birdie. Match that Europe!

It looks like it will be Woods getting another shot back for his pairing. Garcia and Donald are nowhere near birdie range.

McIlroy stops it dead on 12 and he will have a got chance to win the hole. By the by, Michael Owen has it all figured out:

This is getting ridiculous. Colsaerts putt is 20% in the hole before rattling and lipping out. Nothing is dropping for Europe. Johnson taps in to halve that 14th hole. Couple of birdies there.

Garcia has UNDER-HIT(!!) a putt and the door is kicked ajar for Woods to tap in for birdie. Could be all red soon.

Woods & Stricker 1 Down Garcia & Donald thru 13

Ian Poulter is out of petrol. Nothing left from the Englishman at this stage as he leaves a putt short. Matt Kuchar drives onto the green at 14. Nice. Colsaerts shot goes into the bunker.

Jason Sobel, presenter on the Golf Channel, has tweeted about Europe hitting more lips than Mike Tyson in his prime. Chuckles ahoy.

McIlroy flies a fast, brave putt to the right and wide of the hole. Europe are blighted here.

Lawrie does much better that Colsaerts from the bunker and has a reasonable birdie shout. Heckles of ‘In the water’ by some booriosh fans in the gallery as Colsaerts took his shot.

Kuchar putting for eagle two on 14. He has judged it amazingly to stop it dead for a four-inch tap-in, which is conceded. Lawrie will have to cancel that out. Five feet away. Gets it!

Another Scottish Rugby international has a good theory about Europe’s putting woes:

McIlroy’s 7-iron on 13 gets him onto the green and 14-foot away from the hole. Now, he just needs to close it out.

The heckles are getting louder late in the day and Europe are not doing much to stop the yap. When they all talk about Colsaerts being a bad boy, the only thing they reference is his DJ past. Unless he was spinning some weak tunes, I’d say that is just a neat hobby. That’s right, I said ‘neat’.

Can we get a break at all? Garcia’s lovely chip hits the hole and clambers onwards after skipping up. McIlroy on 13 will have a putt to win the hole after Dufner and Johnson run it close without ever looking likely to birdie.

Exciting stuff if you’re an American. It’s all getting too much for Freddie Couples:

Fred Couples gets his blood pressure checked. (P Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Drop it like it’s hot! Rory McIlroy finally sinks one. Birdie on 13. Game on there.

Dufner & Johnson 1 Up McIlroy & Poulter thru 13

Kuchar has just hit a tree with his hybrid club and his ball ends up 15 yards further back from where it started. Woods is putting like a dream, all of a sudden, and Donald has a four-foot putt to halve it.

Donald gets it to remain 1 Up. Keep it blue Luke, keep it blue.

Could be a glimmer of hope here as Johnson finds the bunker on 16. With Kuchar out of contention and Colsaerts and Lawrie on the fringes, a birdie should snatch the hole.

Europe are level as Lawrie strokes in a fine birdie.

D Johnson & Kuchar A/S Lawrie & Colsaerts thru 16

Lawrie and Colsaerts find the left of the green on 13. Super chip from Donald, in a bunker, on 14. Tiger up next after Garcia’s tame effort but he has too much on it. Europe has the edge there. Here is your latest:

  • Johnson & Kuchar A/S Nicolas Colsaerts & Lawrie thru 16
  • Woods & Stricker 1 Down Garcia & Donald thru 14
  • Dufner & Johnson 1 Up McIlroy & Poulter thru 13

Stricker from the bunker on 14 and he doesn’t get the forward roll on it. Kuchar landed close to Lawrie on 16 and Dustin Johnson hits the best of the lot, just about.

That battle is on 15, not 14, between Stricker, Donald and co. McIlroy beaned a fan with a wayward shot on 14 and gave him a signed glove. We’ve seen that before. Poulter drops his putt to halve it. Four to go and they are 1 Down.

Putting contest on 15 and Garcia is the first to miss out. Stricker never gave his ball a chance. Shoot-out with Tiger and Luke now.

Tiger misses. Donald nails his! 2 Up with three to go.

Colsaerts is a whisker away from a stunning birdie on 16. What a difference a day makes. Olazábal is cheesed off.

What a putt! Dustin Johnson steps up to the plate and guarantees at least a half point. Peach of a putt from 20-foot away. That’s your body blow there.

Johnson & Kuchar 1 Up Nicolas Colsaerts & Lawrie thru 17

Clutching at a jumbo-sized straw here but Poulter and McIlroy can revive a flat-lining Europe if they can somehow turn it around on Johnson and Dufner. Zach finds the water. I’ll take that.

Dustin ‘choker’ Johnson tasers Europe with that 25-foot birdie and follows it up with a humming drive on 18. Dufner has played safe on 14 after Johnson’s dip in the lake. Poulter or McIlroy needs a birdie here to make the former Master champ pay.

Kuchar can’t reach the 18th and all hope there lies with Lawrie, it would see, as Colsaerts has been out of sorts today. The Scot is on the green but 50 feet away from the hole. Here comes the Belgian playing the wedge. No bloody luck. It lands two feet away and backspins just past the hole.

I’ve got to tell you, I actually banged the desk here.

Tiger Woods loves this back nine. He chips to within 12 feet of the hole at 15. They could get a shot back here, those nice American boys.

Dufner’s approach on 15 is good, as is McIlroy’s.

Poulter with a stunner from the bunker. That is a birdie so Dufner will need to land his putt to halve the hole.

Dufner misses and we are level.

Dufner & Johnson A/S McIlroy & Poulter thru 15

Colsaerts can get a half but it will not be easy.

It was never there. Colsaerts’ touch deserted him today and it is a narrow defeat.

  • Johnson & Kuchar 1 Up Nicolas Colsaerts & Lawrie

Tiger Woods, who was +3 for the first nine, is at -4 on the back nine. His birdie pulls Garcia and Donald back just a lead of one. Europe desperately need the last two matches to turn blue and stay blue.

Here goes Woods on 16. He nailed it yesterday. Stone the crows, he’s done it again! Within five feet of the hole.

Garcia goes within seven feet and Donald decides to top the lot. Laser beam stuff as it nestles within a foot of the hole on 16. That is surely a gimme and José enjoyed it!

Lawrie laments the superior putting of the Americans as he reflects on his pairing’s loss. Colsaerts says he hit many of his rimmed putts too hard.

McIlroy in prime position on 16 but he can’t improve on Dufner’s shot. His birdie effort is not very good. They are going to putt it out on 17 and Stricker goes first. No shots conceded. He can’t drain it.

Garcia fails with his effort. Tiger does not. Superb from the comeback kid.

‘Get yer keister in the hole.’ (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Nervy, short putt for Donald but he guides it in.

  • Woods & Stricker 1 Down Garcia & Donald thru 17

Ian Poulter! He curves in a beauty on 16 from over 22 feet. Europe lead in the final grouping. End it in blue lads. Dufner couldn’t match it. Poulter roared when his putt disappeared. Resilient bugger.

Dufner & Johnson 1 Down McIlroy & Poulter thru 16

Poulter air-drops a great iron approach on 17, which is handy as McIlroy was gone wide left. Zach Johnson has gone closer.

Woods has driven supremely on 18 while Donald is in a right-hand bunker. It is in a tricky position and the Englishman will just have to chip out. Sergio, we need you now.

Europe must not lose 18 in par. They must make one of the Americans birdie. Garcia can’t go nuts with his approach now that Donald is out of the running.

Holy heck! Stricker has got it within seven feet. Scratch what I just said. Biggest shot of Sergio’s weekend so far…

… it is good but not as good as Stricker. Woods then finds the fringe of the green.

Meanwhile on 17, Poulter birdies again! The USA need a birdie to stay in the match. Poulter has delivered again. Europe loves this guy for three/four days bi-annually. Johnson birdies it up to take it to the last.

Steve Stricker won’t have to putt for about five minutes but he holds the key here. Woods will have a dabble first.

Woods will only get par so Stricker can give it a good run. Donald goes for four but it is no good. McIlroy with a sweet drive on 18.

Sergio! He steps away from his putt, drawing huge heckles. He lines up again and it will only be a par.

Steve Stricker lips out and misses!!

Thank goodness for Woods and Stricker. They have lost all three of their matches. Europe finally get one on the afternoon board.

Stricker & Woods 1 Down Donald & Garcia

Poulter has crash landed a beauty on the 18th green too.

Poulter was good, Zach Johnson matches it and Jason Dufner beats those two with a pearler. McIlroy’s is fourth best but not bad. One of these Europeans need to sink a birdie. The Americans have been sensational.

I hope (Luke) doesn’t have too much of a back pain tomorrow because I’ve been riding him like a horse all day.

- Sergio Garcia.

McIlroy with a poor attempt again and it will be up to Poulter to win another point. Dufner steps up with the short putt first. Gets the birdie. What can Poulter do?

Poulter, from about 10 feet away, is up. Yes!!! He nails it. What a man!

Dufner & Johnson 1 Down Poulter & McIlroy

Poulter finished with five birdies to give his side hope that all is not lost. Mark James’ side led 10-6 in Brookline before caving in the Sunday Singles. Can Europe affect a similar turnaround? I, for one, hope so.

The birdie on 13 sparked us and gave us momentum and Ian took it from there. Even though we were down a couple earlier on, we kept saying we can still get it back … we did it, thanks to this man (Poulter).

- Rory McIlroy.

Poulter says he wants to play early in the Singles tomorrow. They need to turn that board blue early.

Ok, I’m off to hunt down a European flag and get an Ian Poulter tattoo on my rump. Cheers for the company and join us again for the (hopeful) fight-back from Sunday afternoon.

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