Sacrifice: What these sportsmen ought to give up for Lent

Jesus spent 40 days in the desert, the least these guys can do is show a little restraint.

Dirty, dirty habit.
Dirty, dirty habit.
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LENT IS A time for reflection. A time, not only to put away the pancake mix and lemon juice for another year, but to step back and examine what you can try to do better.

Whether it’s giving up the fags or simply cutting back on your intake of three-in-ones from that conveniently placed Chinese take away between your gaff and the pub – any sacrifice is good enough to make you remember the J man.

Of course, Jesus gave up more than just a delicious tray of curry, chips and rice. He ate nothing for 40 days and 40 nights.

It really makes you think: maybe we, and these eight sports-people, could make just a tiny sacrifice for the greater good, hmm?

Sacrifice: What these sportsmen ought to give up for Lent
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  • Adriano: Keep up the good work.

    My old primary school teacher used to always preach (whilst wagging a finger, if I recall) that you can also take up good something for Lent rather than just avoiding sweets. Adriano was placed under house arrest by his club, Corinthians, earlier this month because of his massive gut. Yesterday, having lost a sizeable chunk of himself, he returned to action - still off the pace. Keep at it, Adriano. The Score still believes in you.Source: Andre-Penner/APPress-Association-Images
  • Andy Reid: Pies.

    We had high hopes for Reidy a few years back. Whilst at Sunderland, he put himself through an extra summer training program and got himself in the best shape of his life. However, injury soon cursed his luck again and now he's back in all his chunky glory. Forest are battling against relegation and their midfield playmaker has scored just once this season. Still, if he can lay off the sweets it might not be too late for the part-time guitarist to whip up some calls for an inclusion in Trap's Euro squad.Source: Andrew-Matthews/EMPICS-Sport
  • Jamie Redknapp: Where do we start?

    Perhaps with the word 'literally' would be a start: like when he said: "Alonso and Sissoko have been picked to literally sit in front of the back four." or perhaps, "He's literally left Ben Haim for dead there." But he curiously left it out of this one: "Peter Schmeichel will be like a father figure to Kasper Schmeichel."Source: Doug-PetersDoug-PetersEMPICS-Entertainment
  • David Haye: Talking.

    We always knew (or hoped) that Haye's big fat mouth would be his undoing and on Saturday it finally happened. You know the story by now: retired boxer, wants to un-retire and make loadsa money, goes too far, hits his trainer with a tripod... Sadly, I don't see this one coming to pass.Source: Frank-Augstein/APPress-Association-Images
  • Andy Murray: His mother's ever-presence.

    There comes a time in a young tennis pros life when he just has to say, 'Mammy, thanks, but I can wallop this cross-court back hand all by myself.' When Andy plays, Judy Murray can be found in the stand scowling, gritting and clenching her way through every point. Let him grow, Judy. He can become a man.Source: Sandy-Young/PA-WirePress-Association-Images
  • Fernando Torres: Being crap.

    Some say, Fernando Torres' ill form since arriving at Chelsea is down to some voodoo curse. Others believe it's because Chelsea don't play as many long balls as Liverpool do. We don't buy either excuses. Torres was one of the best centre forwards in the world, now I doubt he's the best centre forward in his own house.Source: Mike EgertonEMPICS Sport
  • Conor Murray: Aimless box-kicks.

    Against Wales, way back when, Ireland spent most of the game without the ball. Chiefly because we were kicking it to them. Murray wasn't the only culprit, but on far too many occasions he looked to the skies rather than his fly-half. Better this weekend please, Conor.Source: INPHO/ James Crombie
  • Seanie Johnston: That long commute from Straffan.

    We all know it's hard enough working as a teacher. But you do yourself no favours by moving halfway down the country just because you fancy a go at the Leinster championship. Petrol is expensive these days too, a teacher can't afford to be shelling out over €1.50 per litre every other day. Least of all a teacher from Cavan.Source: INPHO/James-Crombie

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