Selfie stick-wielding heathens have been banned from the biggest horse race in the world

Horse racing fans in America can rest a little easier.

THERE IS A disgraceful trend creeping into sports today that is threatening to ruin everyone’s enjoyment. No, it isn’t the issue of burnout in the GAA or the amount of concussions in rugby.

This photo best describes the plague afflicting, not only sports, but society in general.


If your boyfriend or girlfriend use a selfie stick, dump them.

If your husband or wife you a selfie stick, divorce them.

If your son or daughter use a selfie stick, disown them.

You are more likely to poke someone’s eye out with one of those obnoxious contraptions than to get a cherished photographic moment.

Thankfully, one sporting event has said ‘no more’. The Kentucky Derby, the first leg of the American Triple Crown of horse racing, has banned selfie sticks from the Churchill Downs racecourse.

What are they
really like?

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This is a big step in the right direction and hopefully stadiums all over the world row in behind these Kentuckians.

If not, this could happen to you.

H/T to Awful Announcing.

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