Speeding fine or fine speeding? Coulthard tears up Lincoln Tunnel

New Jersey to Manhattan in less than a minute for the Scottish driver, who was promoting the 2013 USA Grand Prix.

Image: AP Photo/Wong Maye-E

IF TONY SOPRANO were real, he would not take too kindly to the sight of a cocky Scotsman battering around his neighbourhood in such a wanton manner.

David Coulthard has tested part of the New Jersey circuit where the Grand Prix of America is scheduled to take place in 2013.

The former Formula One driver tested a Red Bull F1 car through the Lincoln Tunnel, which connects New Jersey to New York, as part of an ongoing bid to popularise the sport in the States.

He then stopped in front of the Statue of Liberty where Red Bull engineers rigged the car’s engine so it could ‘sing’ the American national anthem.

“It’s a weird attack on your senses when you are going fast and you have got the closure of the tunnel leading to the point,” Coulthard said.

“I was disappointed we couldn’t go faster. We managed to do 305kph but it would have been great if we could have gone a bit quicker. ” He added:

To have the opportunity to drive a Formula One car from New Jersey to New York is totally unique and I don’t suppose I’ll get that chance again.

“I don’t suppose many people have really done that so I think we’re probably the fastest to have gone through there.”

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This year’s penultimate race in Austin, Texas, will be the first time the USA has hosted a Grand Prix since 2007 and Red Bull manager Tony Burrows is happy to ‘bring people closer to the sport’.

“People don’t get a chance to see a Formula One car – they can see the car, hear the noises, smell the burning rubber and get a taste of what Formula One is all about,” he said.

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