5 sporting storylines we'd love to see turned into a movie

Who’ll play Gareth Bale though?

Greece captain Theodoros Zagorakis lifts the Euro 2004 Cup.
Greece captain Theodoros Zagorakis lifts the Euro 2004 Cup.
Image: THANASSIS STAVRAKIS/AP/Press Association Images

ON THIS DAY in 1975, A journey-man pro by the name of Chuck Wepner fought, and very nearly beat, Muhammad Ali to claim the world Heavyweight title.

Indeed, in the ninth round Wepner even had Ali on the canvass. However, the champ came back in the remaining rounds and knocked Wepner out with just 19 seconds remaining in the 15th.

The fight, indeed most of Wepner’s life story, was the inspiration behind the Rocky franchise and that got team wondering what other sporting events would make good movies.

1. Greece’s unfathomable Euro 2004 success

A controversial selection in the office with one staffer describing it as “an arthouse Mighty Ducks” where nobody cares if they win at the end.

Plot synopsis: Having never won a game at either a world or European championship before, there can’t have been many willing to back Greece at 100-1 odds before the start of the tournament.

However, they got off to a great start by beating Portugal 2-1 in the opening game before repeating their success over the hosts in the final.

Whether or not anyone outside of Greece cared by the end, is another matter.


YouTube Credit: spin3bust3r

2. Jessie Owens outruns an evil empire

Hitler is preaching white supremacy to the world when a black man comes along and wins four gold medals in the Berlin Olympics.

Synopsis: Europe and America are in the grips of depression, war is looming and Adolf Hitler is issuing hate filled speeches about white supremacy.

Obviously, Jessie Owens didn’t get the memo as he put in one of the greatest Olympic performances of all time, setting three world records and winning four gold medals.

With the perfect Hollywood ending of the good guy winning out, it’s hard to believe this hasn’t been made into a movie.


Image: AP/Press Association Images

3. The rise, fall and undoubted resurrection of Tim Tebow

He might be a rubbish quarterback, but he’s still one of the most popular NFL players of all time.

Synopsis: Tim Tebow’s “miraculous” story begins before birth when his mother was told she should have an abortion because of possible complications with the pregnancy.

However, she continued with the pregnancy and Tim was born in 1987. He made a name for himself as a quarterback in Florida before joining the Denver Broncos in the NFL, leading them on an unlikely playoff run in 2011.

More known for his faith than his ability, Tebow is currently waiting to be released by the New York Jets before his undoubted attempt at politics. Next stop, President Tebow.


YouTube Credit: ESPN

4. The on/off/on again Seanie Johnston saga

Despite some wag in Towers claiming to have seen Seanie Johnson on the Curragh many times, his transfer is, and was, controversial.

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Synopsis: This story has it all. Drama, intrigue and passion – albeit of the pre-watershed ‘I love my county’ variety.

Johnston was unwanted in Cavan, sought a move to Kildare, got it, lost it and got it again.

Nobody came out of the whole affair looking well, but isn’t drama supposed to be, well, dramatic?


Image: INPHO/Donall Farmer

5. Gareth Bale’s Lazarus-esque turnaround in fortunes

A story of redemption for the boy from the valleys as he turned from zero to hero in the space of a season.

Synopsis: Just a small town boy, Bale’s move to Spurs from Southampton was written off by many as a bust.

However, since Bale eventually established himself in the Tottenham side in 2010, he hasn’t looked back and looks on course to win another PFA Player of the Year award in 2013.


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