9 reasons The Wire's 'Prop Joe' would make a fine sports agent

Set up the meet. But hurry, Joe can’t be waiting around during the transfer window.

HE’S NO JERRY Maguire, that’s for sure. But we’re sure that ‘Proposition’ Joe Stewart has got what it takes to be the best damn sports agent in the fictional world of sport.

Here’s a selection of reasons we counted up while resting our trigger finger.

NOTE: The Wire stopped filming in 2008 so there may be spoilers below (and in the comment section). If any, not many, but use your own discretion.

Also, Prop Joe don’t mince his words. So… use your own discretion.

He knows how to blend in at sporting events


And in the boardroom


He knows how to negotiate

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He’s got a finger in several pies

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He takes wide-eyed young fellas under his wing

And teaches them what’s ‘all in the game’ with some words of wisdom

Joe knows the value of money. But more importantly, he knows how much other parties value his money

Anyone asked Falcao this question?

What are they
really like?

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Family, they’ll be the end of him

We imagine Nicolas Anelka’s brother can relate to this…


Even backed into a corner, he finds room to negotiate

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RIP: Robert F Chew who died in January aged 52.

Chew played Prop Joe and also worked on previous David Simon creations Homicide: Life on the street and The Corner, based on the same source material as The Wire.

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