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Looking for a sports Halloween costume? Here are 8 ideas that will impress your mates

You’ll be the talk of the party if you rock up looking like Miguel Angel Jimenez.

Who wouldn't want to look like this on Halloween?
Who wouldn't want to look like this on Halloween?
Image: Cathal Noonan/INPHO

PLEASE STEP AWAY from the tiger onesies and refrain from anything Ebola-related.

Just follow these simple instructions and you will look so much like your favourite sportspeople that you will probably get free into Coppers even if you don’t have a gold card.

Hipster Roy Keane


What you need to wear: Pair of runners (preferably Asics), worn out old tracksuit (somewhat slimline) and a fake two-tone beard. Or if you already have a beard, just dip the end of it into the top of a pint of Guinness.

What you need to do: Snarl, scowl, question peoples dedication to the Halloween cause and constantly say to party-goers, ‘Is that honestly the best costume you could come up with? That’s not good enough.’

The BT Banter Bridgade

rug Source: Empics Sports Photography Ltd.

What you need to wear: You can do this as a three person costume (Ben Kay, Austin Healey and Matt Dawson) or as a duo (Ben Kay and Austin Healey).

You’ll need a white swimming cap or two (or a bald cap depending on your access to the world of acting props), a blazer, chinos/slacks, a pair of loafers, a fake microphone headset and a truly awful cringe-inducing sense of humour.

What you need to do: Just keep making weak jokes with your costume partner all night and when people roll their eyes, one (or both) of you just say, ‘Ah, it’s just a bit of banter’.

Jamie Donaldson

Golf - 40th Ryder Cup - Day Three - Gleneagles Source: PA WIRE

What you need to wear: Golf hat, slacks, ugly golf-like jumper, European flag tied around neck, bottle of Moet.

What you need to do: Spray people with champagne, make strange faces in photographs and while you’re at it, why not try to reenact this scene the following morning with a friend/family member/significant other.

Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish celebrates scoring Source: James Crombie/INPHO

What you need to wear: Ireland hat, England scarf, half and half jersey, Irish left sock, English right sock and nondescript shorts.

What you need to do: Keep talking enthusiastically about the current standard of the Irish team but constantly stop short of giving them your seal of approval.

The Second Captains Good Wall

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second captains Source: Second Captains

What you need to wear: A white t-shirt, a marker to write the numbers 1-10 on the front and back of it, double sided sellotape and ten pictures of your favourite Irish sporting heroes.

What you need to do: Go up to people and ask for their opinion on your good wall. If nothing else, you will get into a lively sporting debate.

Diego Simeone

Spain Soccer La Liga Source: Associated Press

What you need to wear: Black suit, black shirt, black tie, black belt, black slacks, black socks and black shoes. Oh, and have an absolutely slick head of hair too.

What you need to do: Constantly look like you are either about to make love to a beautiful woman or go on a rampage that could kill a dozen people. Always be chewing gum and throw your hands up to heaven regularly as a part of a rotation of equally theatrical gestures.

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Miguel Angel Jimenez Source: Cathal Noonan/INPHO

What you need to wear: Ugly golf-like jumper, slacks, long-haired wig tied up, golf hat and a pair aviators.

What you need to do: Smoke the biggest, fattest stogie you can get your hands on (no Hamlets!) and only drink Rioja out of a wine glass – or something that can pass for wine at least. And don’t be afraid to do some calisthenics if you get tense.

Source: Rob Reynar/YouTube

Dual Player

Aidan Walsh Aidan Walsh. Source: Donall Farmer/INPHO

What you need to wear: Intercounty-jersey of choice, hurling helmet, shorts.

Also, have a football, hurley and sliotar.

What you need to do: Constantly be juggling (figuratively) your drink, any sweets you might have, your football, hurley and sliotar. Routinely drop everything and then exclaim, ‘It’s just too much to do both!’ before setting either the football or the hurley to one side. Regularly change your mind and do it all again.

Are any of you dressing as sportspeople this Halloween? Who do you think would be a good person to go as?

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