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This week
18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
PSNI finds no criminal offences after it investigates alleged threats against Jeffrey Donaldson
Finance minister to meet Stormont counterpart, as UK govt tables motion reaffirming 'Acts of Union'
US Secretary of State calls on new Stormont leaders to deliver prosperity for the North
Last week
11th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
Border Poll: 'My dad was in the Orange Order, but I'd probably vote for a United Ireland'
This month
February 2024
Who is Emma Little-Pengelly, Northern Ireland's new Deputy First Minister?
Taoiseach confident Stormont Executive 'is here to last' following talks in Belfast
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who was also at Stormont to mark the restoration of devolution, said “the real work starts now”.
The return of Stormont will see the Treasury release a £3.3 billion package to support under-pressure public services in Northern Ireland.
Sunak said the offer represents “a generous and fair settlement”.
DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson said he will be making the case that the Executive needs resources to "deliver sustainable public finances".
Leo Varadkar to meet with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and new Stormont leaders tomorrow
Analysis: Stormont is too fragile to be confident after one day's success
Laois boss suspended by SDLP for leaving Stormont early for match
SDLP suspends whip from MLA who left Stormont early for GAA match
Quiz: How much do you know about the history of the Stormont Assembly?
'Historic day' for Northern Ireland as Michelle O'Neill becomes first nationalist First Minister
New ministers have now been appointed to the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Explainer: How does Northern Ireland appoint ministers - and who might get the jobs?
Sinn Féin's Michelle O'Neill on cusp of becoming NI First Minister as Stormont to return tomorrow
Speaker of the Stormont Assembly will meet with all party whips at midday today to discuss the arrangements for the sitting.
The Explainer: Power sharing returns to Stormont - how did we get here?
DUP green lights Stormont return after UK Parliament fast-tracks legislation to restore devolution
Last month
January 2024
UK government to replace 'green lane' on goods travelling to NI under new Stormont deal
The DUP has been using a veto power to block Stormont’s devolved institutions for almost two years.
It was announced earlier this week that the DUP was prepared to return to Stormont, dependent on the UK Government implementing certain legislative assurances.
The return will see Michelle O’Neill become the region’s first ever nationalist first minister.
‘They’re like children’: Mixed reaction to DUP's overnight deal in both nationalist and unionist towns
The health service was the main concern among people in Banbridge and Newry in Co Down.
UK and EU agree change to post-Brexit NI trade rules after DUP reaches deal
DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson said the changes show the “naysayers are wrong”.
The DUP leader today expressed hope that the executive could be back in place within days.
The parties eligible to participate in a revived ministerial executive are due to meet later today to discuss the next steps.
Support for the deal is not unanimous within the DUP and several senior figures remain fiercely opposed to the proposed agreement.
Brian Rowan: Donaldson finally came through, but the real work starts now
Jeffrey Donaldson briefing DUP members over UK government proposals to end Stormont impasse
Jeffrey Donaldson to give 'update on political situation' to DUP executive on Monday
The Explainer: Is power sharing in Northern Ireland finished?
New deadline for resurrecting Stormont powersharing set to be fixed for 8 February
Stormont return: DUP's Friday meeting wasn't ‘make or break’ moment, Donaldson says
Brian Rowan: The people of Northern Ireland have finally had enough of its broken politics
NI Strikes: Varadkar says public sector workers haven't got pay increases 'they should have'
Some 16 trade unions with joint membership totalling around 170,000 are taking part in industrial action today.
Unions in the North have been involved in long-running pay disputes, in some cases lasting for several years.
Workers are demanding that pay awards made to counterparts elsewhere in the UK are introduced in Northern Ireland.
Speaking at Belfast City Hall this afternoon, Nipsa general secretary Carmel Gates said strike action will grow if demands aren't met.
Northern Ireland at a standstill: 'The biggest day of strike action in a generation' today
Tens of thousands of workers across 16 unions are taking part in strike action later.
Stormont session suspended and O’Neill says she fears Assembly may never return due to DUP boycott
Brian Rowan: 'The politics of this place is a story of power cuts rather than power sharing'
Sinn Féin in bid to recall Stormont Assembly next week ahead of public sector strike
Sunak says there is 'a very good basis’ for Stormont Executive to be restored
Last year
Time for DUP to make a decision, Michelle O’Neill warns in New Year message
9/11 sparked fears for nuclear or chemical attack preparedness in NI, State Papers reveal
Northern Ireland: 'Stormont is now a mere soap opera on a hill over Belfast'
Failure to restore Stormont is a 'denial of democracy', Micheál Martin says
Sinn Féin criticises ‘lack of DUP leadership’ as it rules out Stormont deal before Christmas
‘Real sense of momentum’ in talks to restore Stormont but DUP says ‘still work to be done’
Talks with Stormont leaders to focus on finances of a returning executive
Sinn Féin says UK Government negotiations with DUP on Windsor Framework have concluded