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Stupid Cupid: Six bitter sporting break-ups
Wipe away that mascara, put down that tub of ice-cream and stop waiting for the phone to ring. This way for your antidote to all that lovey-dovey crap.

LOVE IS IN the air, but if you’re single like TheScore this day can’t end soon enough.

Everywhere you look there are soppy couples, bunches of flowers and cards with photos of soft squidgy kittens and puppies getting crammed into envelopes.

Don’t feel lonely, get bitter.

Think of your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and repeat after me: ‘grr, they’re so up themselves and I hate them so much.’

Of course, it wasn’t always that way.

Once upon a time you looked into their eyes and knew that you’d always be together.

Sure, things weren’t exactly perfect, but you were both happy.

One day, though, you notice that those professions of undying love tapered into Cristiano Ronaldo style fudging the issue:

‘well, yes for now I am fully comitted, but who knows what the future might bring… of course it is an honour to be linked with such a good looking person. For now though, I am definitely in a relationship.’

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You held out hope that he/she would be true to their word, honour their contract and kiss your badge for ever and ever.

You reeked of desperation and along came somebody with more money, a cooler car and better chances of winning the title.

All you were left with is hate and resentment.

Remember, you are not alone, here are six of the most painful dumping incidents in recent sports history.

Stupid Cupid: Six bitter sporting break-ups
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  • Childhood sweethearts.

    'Once a blue always a blue' he told them. But Wayne Rooney was soon on the move. Everton was only puppy love, at 17 Rooney thought himself a man and was seduced by the glamour of Manchester United. He still cares and checks up on his beloved Toffees from time to time, but they hold nothing but scorn for him.Source: INPHO /Getty Images
  • Left at the alter.

    The New York Jets cried their eyes out and the mascara streamed down their chin. Bill Belichick (right) had been assistant to Bill Parcells at the Jets until 1999. When Parcells stood down, Belichick stepped up. However, after just one day he jumped into bed with the New England Patriots. Three Superbowls later the Jets wonder what might have been.Source: Stephen Savoia AP images
  • Foreign fling.

    They went together like pizza and beer, but Fernando Torres turned cynical about Liverpool's best intentions. With talk of broken promises Torres bailed out into the arms of the first floozy he could find, but now he's stuck with them and can't score anymore. Anfield will never forgive him, but at least they have moved on and found a new striker to love... no matter what.Source: Peter Byrne PA archive images.
  • just not ready for that sort of commitment.

    LeBron James realised a dream when he signed for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Born and raised in Akron (less than an hour's drive to Cleveland) the 6" 8' NBA star promised to deliver the team it's first ever championship. It didn't work out. 'King James' grew tired of working towards the success and instead went off down to Miami with his buddies Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.Source: Tony Dejak AP images
  • The girl next door.

    Carlos Tevez just has itchy feet. He was loved totally by Manchester United, and seemed to love them back. But Carlito and his advisers wanted more. More of the duvet, perhaps, more sharing of washing-up duties. Maybe even more sharing the bill when they went out for dinner. Tevez jumped the fence and headed for Manchester City, that worked out well.Source: Mike Egerton EMPICS sport
  • Stand by your man.

    They were once the happiest couple in golf. Steve Williams stuck by Tiger Woods when everyone else deserted him in 2010. Yet when Woods returned he took little time in dumping his long time caddy. The Kiwi took it badly and said some things he regretted after claiming all the credit for a win by, new partner, Adam Scott. The photo you see here, records their next meeting in November last year. Not exactly warm, are they?Source: David Callows AP images.