The 7 best Champions League final goals

So many to choose from but so little time.

7. Fabrizio Ravanelli – Juventus v Ajax, 1996

It’s the man known as the Silver Feather’s sheer goal-scoring instinct that sees this goal make the list.

From the moment the Ajax defender makes a mess of his header, Ravanelli doesn’t look up to see where the goal is and yet finds the net from an almost impossible angle.

YouTube: mariosboom

6. Hernan Crespo – AC Milan v Liverpool, 2005

This final ended in disaster for Milan but even they must look fondly back on Kaka’s turn and perfectly weighted pass to Crespo as a highlight.

Little did Milan know their celebrations were extremely premature.

YouTube: tataron777

5. Samuel Eto’o – Barcelona v Manchester United 2009

He may have subsequently proven himself to be a footballing mercenary but Sammy Eto’o showed nothing but heart with this goal.

He still had three defenders and a goalkeeper to beat when he picked the ball up at the edge of the box but found a way to sneak it home.

YouTube: itsblaugranastime

4. Steve McManaman – Real Madrid v Valentia, 2000

It would be fair to say that McManaman was surrounded by far better players during his time in Madrid.

That said, few of them could have executed the perfect finish the former Liverpool star pulled off in the all Spanish final.

YouTube: Álvaro González Tajuelo

3. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – Manchester United v Bayern Munich, 1999

Once again, not the prettiest goal ever scored in the Champions League final but has there been a more instinctive one?

Sheringham’s flick on was probably going wide and the game heading to extra time when the little Norwegian stuck a foot out and the most dramatic Champions League comeback – at the time – was complete.

YouTube: 2210Yang

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2. Dejan Savićević – AC Milan v Barcelona, 1994

The game was practically over when Savićević scored this goal but that doesn’t make it any less special.

From his closing down of the defender to his perfectly weighted lob, this was a remarkable goal. The Barca goalkeeper’s reaction is priceless too.

(Goal approx 3mins in)

YouTube: DiavolessaMilanista

1. Zinedine Zidane – Real Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen, 2002

This had not been the most exciting of Champions League finals up to ZZ’s moment of magic.

This effort will be very hard to beat by either team tonight.

YouTube: Ruben Reina

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