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The best bits from last night's episode of The Rod Squad
The latest installment of the series told the story of Monaghan’s exit from the League of Ireland.

Roddy likes to look sharp and Episode 3 opens with a trip to the barbers

“I think appearance is vital. I would’ve got it from my father, I remember he was buried in a beautiful Italian suit. The players call me Reggie Kray sometimes. It shows people that you respect the situation and makes you feel better”

Roddy Junior recalls his childhood: “When we moved to Carlisle, I remember me da going ‘put your gear on under your uniform’. We’d be on our way and he’d be like ‘right we’re going training. Take the day off school’. I used to be over the moon”

With Monaghan’s financial problems worsening, the manager is feeling the pressure during a trip to the Showgrounds

They record a famous cup win over the league leaders against the odds, however. Stangely, it cuts to footage of Mons fans celebrating at Oriel Park

Dressed in full training kit, Roddy heads to Newstalk for his slot on Off The Ball

But soon after, he finds himself out of a job as Monaghan are pulled from the Airtricity League on a sad day for Irish football

The Collins family return from their holidays after hearing the news

Mario Balotelli out of Confederations Cup, heads home to Italy

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