The crying game: Seven occasions when sport evoked tears

Who’s got the tissues?

‘IT’S ONLY A game’ is a phrase that doesn’t register with this lot.

Yesterday, television cameras spotted a Manchester City fan sobbing in the stands at Liberty Stadium after Luke Moore scored what turned out to be the winning goal for Swansea.

Footage of John Millington, who has tried to claim that he wasn’t actually crying, has gone viral today and in his honour, we have dug up seven other occasions when sport brought players, athletes and fans to tears.

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Mike Schmidt announces retirement

Former Philadelphia Phillies baseman Mike Schmidt broke down during an emotional farewell at Jack Murphy Stadium in May 1989. Schmidt, who is seen as one of the greatest hitters baseball has ever seen, whinged his way through the announcement in a room full of journalists.

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George Hook after Ireland’s cricket team beat England

Kevin O’Brien led Ireland to an astonishing win over England by hitting the fastest hundred in World Cup history last year and it all got a bit too much for Hook, who marked the event by turning on the water works live on air during his Newstalk radio programme.

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Weird wrestling fan gets emotional

This guy gained internet fame when a clip of his heartfelt speech made its way to YouTube in 2005. He’s got what can only be described as an unhealthy obsession for wrestling and isn’t afraid to tell the world.

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Jong Tae-Se in World Cup 2010

North Korea played in their first World Cup since 1966 two years ago and striker Jong Tae-Se burst into tears during the national anthem in the build up to a meeting with Brazil.

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John Hayes when England visited Croke Park

A hugely historical moment in Irish sport, the 2007 Six Nations tournament saw England visit Croke Park and God Save The Queen played at the site of Bloody Sunday. ‘The Bull’ was in a flood of tears while there were plenty of other eyes swelling up. They recorded a mighty 43-13 win that day.

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Gazza during England’s defeat to Germany in 1990

In what is one of the most iconic images from Italia ’90, Gazza cries during England’s semi-final with the Germans. The former Newcastle and Spurs midfielder, who was outstanding on the night, has to be consoled by manager Bobby Robson as they lose out in a penalty shootout.

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River Plate fans after they are relegated last season

Argentinian giants River Plate were relegated from the top division for the first time in 110 years in 2011, which prompted their fans to riot in the stands while the tears flowed.

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