The Magnificent Seven: Animals invading sports

Sometimes they just want to watch the game too, y’know…

THE ANFIELD CAT gained instant stardom on Monday night when the tabby found its way onto the pitch during the Premier League meeting between Liverpool and Tottenham.

The novel appearance certainly captured the imagination of the public as clips of the incident went viral and a Twitter account in its honour received 52,000 followers.

It’s certainly not the first time that a member of the animal kingdom has stumbled upon a sporting event, however. We’ve compiled a list of seven more…

7) Twickenham Fox – 2011

With minutes to go before England took on Scotland in last year’s Six Nations tournament, a cheeky red fox went roaming around the stands before having a scamper about the pitch. The BBC commentator’s fox-related jokes are beyond cringeworthy so you might want to watch this one on mute.

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6) Fenway Park Hawk – 2008

Alexa Rodriguez was attacked by a red-tailed hawk while taking in a Boston Red Sox game in April 2008. The bird, which was nesting in an overhang, became protective of her eggs and swooped down into the face of the teenager, injuring her just above the eye with its talons.

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5) Croke Park Dog – 2004

Brock the Terrier showed a decent turn of pace when he got stuck into the Irish and Australian players during an International Rules match at Croker in 2004. How the canine actually got to the stadium from his Ballyfermot home eight miles away remains a mystery as his owners didn’t realise he was missing until they spotted him on television.

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4) Tour de Suisse Horse – 2007

On the final climb to Crans-Montana during the sixth leg of 2007′s Tour de Suisse, a horse appeared from nowhere and accompanied the leading riders for 100m of the road before cutting back into a nearby field.

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3) US Senior Open Bear – 2008

Veterans Bernhard Langer and Tom Watson were lining up their shots onto the 13th fairway when a black bear made its entrance to the astonishment of the crowd. It wasn’t the only visitor to Broadmoor Golf Club in Colorado Springs that week as a fox and deer were also spotted.

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2) Chase Field Dove – 2001

This clip is pretty shocking so we’re warning you in advance. In one of the most bizarre sporting moments ever witnessed, Randy Johnson kills a dove, the sign of peace, while pitching for the Arizona Diamondbacks against the San Francisco Giants in a training game.

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1) AT&T Center Bat – 2009

San Antonia Spurs star Manu Ginobili got tired of an intruding bat, who had been distracting the players throughout the game, and showed sharp reflexes to swat the creature with one hand. The Argentine shooting guard later apologised for his actions and had to receive shots for rabies.

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Anfield Cat identified as a homeless tabby named ‘Kenny’

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