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The YouTube top 10: because this is the best Whitney Houston tribute video

Work can wait. Although if your name’s Herve Renard, you probably haven’t got too much work done this week anyway.

10. Whose job is it to lock the door of the MMA cage? As my granny often asks, “Were ye born in a barn?”

YouTube credit: rockhigdon77

9. If you’re planning on winning a boxing match against one of Argentina’s hometown heroes, make sure you bring back up. The Filipino government filed a diplomatic protest over these incredible scenes, FYI.

YouTube credit: boxeola1

8. We’re fully aboard the Jeremy Lin bandwagon at this stage. For anyone who managed to ignore the early yelps of excitement last week, Tuesday night’s buzzer-beating three-pointer brought global recognition for American sport’s newest icon.

YouTube credit:  ilo012874

[h/t BusinessInsider]

7. If you enjoyed Zambia’s AFCON win as much as we did, you’ll enjoy this. Herve Renard is “The Bodyguard”

YouTube credit: pogmogoal

6. Shane Long, Kevin Doyle and Soccer AM legend Tubes singing the Bob Marley classic “No Woman, No Cry”. Just don’t tell Trap…

YouTube credit: TubesOfficial

5. For some reason, Foster Horan’s parents decided to give him two surnames instead of the traditional forename/surname combo. Just as well he’s a very good rugby player then. Check out this try for the Ireland U20s against France last weekend.

YouTube credit: nrothwelluk


4. This one’s an oldie but a goody. Philadelphia Phantoms goaltender Neal Little gets involved in a fight in style. Wait for it…

YouTube credit: /BlueArmyMan

3. This man might just be the luckiest human being alive… he’s still alive, right?

YouTube credit: MrWhinterr

[h/t Guardian]

2. Kevin Prince Boateng reminded us last night that he doesn’t do average goals. Here’s one he made earlier. Yowza!

YouTube credit: Rob140297

1. If this is just a friendly sparring session against Paddy Barnes, I shudder to think of what Katie Taylor’s got in store for the Olympic qualifiers.

YouTube credit: RTÉ

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