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Thorpe 'up against it' in bid to win Olympic spot for Australia
The five-times gold medal has not seen his comeback go to plan, and admits he has struggled in his bid to get to London.

IAN THORPE IS facing the definining moment in his battle to swim in this summer’s Olympic Games, as he takes part in this week’s Australian trials.

The 29-year-old – winner of five gold medals at the Sydney and Athens Olympics – came out of retirement last year but has so far struggled to post competitive times.

Thorpe heads to Adelaide knowing that only the top two in the 200m and 100m freestyle will go to London, while he would need a top six finish to make the relay team.

“It’s been bloody frustrating that I’ve trained the house down. I thought it would translate into good racing and results,” the BBC reports Thorpe as saying.

“It hasn’t happened and that has tested my mental strength and my patience. I truly believe my hard work deserved better. I’m hoping my racing mojo returns for Adelaide.”

One of Thorpe’s competitors, James Magnusson, does not believe the experienced star will qualify in one of the individual places in the sprints, intimating that he may have to be happy with a relay spot.

“I think he’ll be up against it,” said the 20-year-old.

“It’s a strong field and, from his perspective, if I was here making a comeback as he is I would think making the 100 freestyle final is a big achievement.

“It’s been great for the sport as it’s been able to push the rest of us along, make us fight for those extra positions. I think he’ll have achieved something, if not for himself, then the sport, if he can reach that final.”

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