Tiger Woods Once Snubbed A 9-Year Old Johnny Manziel

Doosh move, Eldrick.

Johnny Manziel and Tiger Woods_edited 1
Johnny Manziel and Tiger Woods_edited 1

TIGER WOODS AND Derek Jeter were the two premiere athletes in Johnny Manziel’s life as a kid. He grew up playing baseball and football, primarily, but he also took up golf at a young age and played it until other sports took over, according to a Golf Digest profile.

Manziel claims Woods was his favourite golfer growing up, and recalls a story of when he and some friends went to watch Woods play at a local golf course in Windermere, Florida. Manziel claims he was nine or ten years old at the time.

“We saw Tiger on the 16th hole and asked for his autograph, and he said to catch him right after the round. I was sitting about 100 yards from the 18th green, and he drove by in a cart and was pulling his hat really, really low. I remember him saying, “No autographs today.”

For Manziel, who says he asked his dad to buy him the same putter Tiger used, it was devastating… for a day. Manziel claims he got over it pretty quickly.

“I was really bitter about it for a day, but today I don’t really think much of it… If I ever run into Tiger at Nike or somewhere, it’ll be a funny story.”

Manziel claims the story has stuck with him ever since he first started gaining fame and recognition in the sports world. He says, “That kid can always be out there, and I don’t want to be the guy who disappoints him, even though sometimes it might be out of my control.”

And sure enough, Manziel has been good about signing autographs.

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