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Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of this afternoon’s second Round 4A football qualifier as Tipperary and Derry do battle for a place in the All-Ireland quarter-finals.

Throw-in at Breffni Park is at 5pm and you can follow every kick right here.

Time is just about up in Salthill and, barring some serious fireworks in the final 90 seconds of additional time, Clare will beat Roscommon and take their place in the last eight.

TEAM NEWS: Here’s a quick reminder of how both Tipp and Derry will line out this afternoon. We’ll let you know if there are any late changes.


1. Evan Comerford (Kilsheelan-Kilcash)

2. Colm O’Shaughnessy (Ardfinnan)
3. Alan Campbell (Moyle Rovers)
4. Ciarán Mc Donald (Aherlow)

5. Bill Maher (Kilsheelan-Kilcash)
6. Robbie Kiely (Carbery Rangers)
7. Jimmy Feehan (Killenaule)

8. Peter Acheson (Moyle Rovers, capt)
9. George Hannigan (Shannon Rovers)

10. Josh Keane (Golden-Kilfeacle)
11. Kevin O’Halloran (Portroe)
12. Brian Fox (Éire Óg Annacarty)

13. Philip Austin (Borrisokane)
14. Michael Quinlivan (Clonmel Commercials)
15. Conor Sweeney (Ballyporeen)


1. Thomas Mallon (The Loup)

2. Gareth McKinless (Ballinderry)
3. Chrissy McKaigue (Slaughtneil, capt)
4. Karl McKaigue (Slaughtneil)

5. Ciarán McFaul (Glen)
6. Brendan Rogers (Slaughtneil)
7. Ciarán Mullan (Eoghan Rua)

8. Conor McAtamney (Swatragh)
9. Niall Holly (Eoghan Rua)

10. Daniel Heavron (Magherafelt)
11. Christopher Bradley (Slaughtneil)
12. Eoghan Brown (Bellaghy)

13. James Kielt (Kilrea)
14. Emmett McGuckin (Magherafelt)
15. Mark Lynch (Banagher)

LATE CHANGES: Damian Barton makes two switches to his Derry XV before throw-in.

Niall Loughlin and Enda Lynn now start; Christopher Bradley and Eoghan Brown are the two to miss out.

As you were for Tipp.

There may be another Derry change coming in the next few minutes. Corner-back Gareth McKinless has been helped from the pitch holding his head after colliding with a team-mate during the final moments of the warm-up.

That didn’t look good for McKinless or Derry. More as we get it.

CONFIRMED: Oisin Duffy will now start for Derry in place of McKinless. Let’s hope he’s ok.

Before throw-in, here’s a few words from Tipp star Michael Quinlivan on how he used a weekend off to jump on the Leicester City title bandwagon:

“It was some trip. I’ve never seen anything like it. There was people on the streets from ten o’clock on the day.

“We tried to sneak into the stadium now but it was to no avail. We just went around the town, the whole atmosphere was incredible.

“I’m a Liverpool fan and the only thing that would probably be better than it for me now would be seeing Liverpool win a Premier League. When I looked it up, I was trying to think of reasons why I shouldn’t go and I couldn’t come up with anything.

“I’ll look back on it and never regret going.


We’re up and running in Breffni Park. Tipp will have the breeze in this first half.


Derry 0-1 Tipperary 0-0: Niall Loughlin skips around the outside of his marker and opens Derry’s account inside the first minute.


Derry 0-1 Tipperary 0-1: Quinlivan knocks over a free and we’re all square.


Tipperary 0-2 Derry 0-1: Conor Sweeney follows up with Tipp’s first from play.


Robbie Kiely bursts past a handful of Tipperary defenders but does so illegally and is penalised for over-carrying the ball.


Tipperary 0-3 Derry 0-1: Derry turn the ball over cheaply and Tipp run it straight back at them. Philip Austin brushes off Daniel Heavron and points after a fine solo run.


Tipperary 0-4 Derry 0-1: Tipp are flying at the moment. Captain Peter Acheson works enough space to get his shot off and he points over Mallon’s crossbar.


Tipperary 0-5 Derry 0-1: Ah, that’s a beaut by Michael Quinlivan. Tipp send a long ball in, Quinlivan gets out in front of Chrissy McKaigue and, as he gets back to his feet, takes one step to the side before pointing. Lovely.


Tipperary 0-5 Derry 0-2: Derry hit their first score since the opening minute and this is all about Danny Heavron. He leaves his station to join in the Derry attack and goes for goal, forcing Evan Comerford to tip his shot over the bar.

Chris McKaigue Chrissy McKaigue leads Derry into battle. Source: Morgan Treacy/INPHO


Tipperary 0-5 Derry 0-3: Much better from Derry and against, Heavron is involved. He sets up Niall Loughlin who points his second of the day.


CHANCE! Alan Campbell sends a high ball in towards the Derry goal and Michael Quinlivan gets up on the edge of the square to punch it towards goal. Thomas Mallon manages to get his body behind it and it’s scrambled behind for a 45.


Tipperary 0-6 Derry 0-3: Kevin O’Halloran points the 45. Tipp lead by three again.


Tipperary 0-7 Derry 0-3: Super stuff from Kevin O’Halloran who takes full advantage of a  Derry blip. They have a free but Marty Duffy says it was incorrectly taken and reverses the call. With the wind at his back, O’Halloran points from all of 50 metres.


Danny Heavron is trying to force the issue when Derry go forward by taking matters into his own hands. He forces Brian Fox into a foul on the edge of the Tipp square — that was dangerously close to a penalty.


Tipperary 0-7 Derry 0-4: Mark Lynch points an easy free.


Tipperary 0-7 Derry 0-5: Poor kickout from Evan Comerford and Derry make the Tipp keeper pay. James Kielt bursts onto the ball and kicks his first score of the day.


Tipperary win possession on the Derry kickout through Colm O’Shaughnessy. They break towards goal but Peter Acheson is deemed to have thrown the ball. It looked like a legal pop pass to me, and Marty Duffy might well have got that one wrong.


Kevin O’Halloran has been faultless with his free-taking so far but that’s his first mistake, snatching at the placed ball and dragging it right and wide.


Bill Maher tries to swerve over a point but again, it’s wide. That’s three for Tipp in the space of three minutes, and they’re really not taking advantage of the breeze in Breffni Park.


Tipperary 0-7 Derry 0-6: Damian Barton’s decision to start Niall Loughlin is certainly paying off. He kicks his third of the day and Derry are back to within a point.


Tipperary 0-8 Derry 0-6: Seconds after seeing his shot clip the post and drop wide, Conor Sweeney gets a second chance following a great driving run from Peter Acheson. He’s fouled as he shoots but the ball sails over the bar and the point stands.


Tipperary 0-8 Derry 0-7: Lynch cuts the gap to one again with a free.

Flag 32Mins

GOAL FOR DERRY! Derry 1-7 Tipperary 0-8 Super stuff by Derry — and what a time to get the game’s opening goal! They win the breaking ball in midfield and once it gets to Danny Heavron, he puts his head down with only one thing on his mind.

He bears down on goal before cutting it back to Mark Lynch on the edge of the square and his finish, on the half-volley, gives Comerford no chance.


Derry 1-8 Tipperary 0-8: Enda Lynn follows it up with a point. What a spell for Derry!


Tipp kick their fifth wide. There’ll be two additional minutes at the end of the half.


Jimmy Feehan fizzes the ball across the face of the Derry goal but none of his Premier team-mates can get a touch and it goes wide.


Philip Quinn goes down inside the large parallelogram and Marty Duffy whistles… but the ref is calling play back for an earlier foul on Quinn. That was a strong penalty shout for Tipp, and a bit of strange decision from Duffy.


Derry 1-8 Tipperary 0-9: O’Halloran points the free. That must be nearly that for the first half.


Derry 1-8 Tipperary 0-10: Nope, still time for Quinlivan to point. Great finish by Tipp.


SECOND HALF: One change for Tipp — Alan Moloney on in place of George Hannigan.


Kevin O’Halloran drops a free short and then at the other end, Chrissy McKaigue kicks Derry’s first wide during a rare venture forward.


SAVE! Great stop by Thomas Mallon! Conor Sweeney tried to draw him wide and finish but the Derry keeper got down to deny Tipp the goal.

Marty Duffy whistles for some unknown reason — not for the first time today — and then decides he’s going to throw the ball up. OK.


Derry 1-8 Tipperary 0-11: Derry concede a soft free in front of goal and O’Halloran points. All square.


Derry 1-9 Tipperary 0-11: Danny Heavron has been outstanding going forward for Derry and he kicks a super point to edge them back in front.


Derry 1-9 Tipperary 0-12: Great work by Tipp who don’t rush their chance and are rewarded with a point. Philip Sweeney picks out Conor Sweeney inside, he turns his man, and points.


Tipperary 0-13 Derry 1-9: Josh Keane gets in on the act now and Tipp get their noses in front.


Brian Fox is looking incredulously at Marty Duffy — and well he might. Oisin Duffy was going to ground anyway, and fell into Fox, but Duffy feels it’s a free in and a yellow card. The replays show that he’s got that one wrong.


Tipperary 0-13 Derry 1-10: James Kielt points the free. All square.


It’s fast and furious now. A lot of Tipp’s attacks are going through Philip Austin and when Niall Holly clips him from behind, it looks like a Tipp free within sight of goal — but Austin had overcarried and it’s a free the other way.


Bubbles O’Dwyer isn’t the ref’s biggest fan either…

Flag 48Mins

GOAL FOR TIPPERARY! Tipperary 1-13 Derry 1-10 Thomas Mallon won’t want to see this again! Tipp drop a ball short into his hands but as he goes to kick it clear, Mallon loses his footing. He kicks the ball straight to Kevin O’Halloran and he makes no mistake,  sending it back with a good bit extra to give Tipp a vital score.


Tipperary 1-13 Derry 1-11: We’ll see what Derry are made of now in these last 20 minutes and Mark Lynch immediately cuts the deficit.


Tipperary 1-14 Derry 1-11: Robbie Kiely drives up the middle and Tipp have plenty of numbers over. Josh Keane arrives on the overlap and points.


Tipperary 1-15 Derry 1-11: Kiely and Austin are finding too much space now for Derry’s liking, and Kiely is fouled for the free which Quinlivann points.


Tipperary 1-15 Derry 1-12: Emmet Bradley brings Derry back to within three but every time Tipp get into Derry territory, they look like scoring.


Tipperary 1-16 Derry 1-12: A Derry man would call this a soft free but Tipp won’t really mind. They’re the ones asking all the questions at the moment and Quinlivan points.


Tipperary 1-16 Derry 1-13: Not for the first time, Danny Heavron cuts back in from the left side and curls over a point. Three in it, and very much advantage Tipp as things stand.


Tipperary 1-17 Derry 1-13: Bill Maher has all day and all night to pick his pass and he does, finding a team-mate in space in front of the Derry goal. Brendan Rogers commits the foul, Quinlivan nudges over the free, and there’s four in it again.


Tipperary 1-18 Derry 1-13: Are we past the point of no return? Tipp work the ball into space and Bill Maher, full of running, curls it over the bar to stretch the gap to five.

Derry look like a team who’ve been out three weeks in a row at this stage.


Tipperary 1-18 Derry 1-14: Mark Lynch points a free to take his total to 1-4 for the day. The clock’s ticking though and Derry are going man for man on the kickout to try to put Tipp under pressure.


Emmet Bradley tries his luck from 45m+, and even though it has the distance, it doesn’t have the accuracy. Had it gone over, he’d be a hero; now he just looks a bit wasteful.


Tipperary 1-18 Derry 1-15: That’s the stuff from substitute Liam McGoldrick. Derry back to within three.


Tipperary 1-18 Derry 1-16: We know this Derry side finish strongly — and they’re doing it again. Christopher Bradley has just kicked a peach of a score. The Derry subs are proving their worth.

Flag 66Mins

GOAL FOR DERRY! Derry 2-16 Tipperary 1-18

Wow. Wow. Wow. Dead and buried minutes ago, Derry lead!

And it’s another of their subs, Eoghan Browne who applies the finishing touch, palming the ball into the empty net after some great build up play sucked Tipp keeper Comerford out of position.



Two to play but there’ll a good whack of injury time as well, you suspect…


Kevin O’Halloran has a chance to level things up with a difficult free… but it’s short. Derry clear.


Derry 2-17 Tipperary 1-18: Danny Heavron has options left and right, but he’s not interested. He pauses for a second to compose himself and kicks Derry into a two-point lead.

What have Tipp got left?


FIVE additional minutes.

Tipp have a free-in…


Derry 2-17 Tipperary 1-19: Kevin O’Halloran points the free. One point, four minutes…


Peter Acheson gets to the high ball first and Tipp will have a free in midfield as they go in search of their equaliser.


Derry 2-17 Tipperary 1-20: ALL SQUARE! No panic for Tipp and Conor Sweeney nips around his marker and hangs the ball up into the wind, letting it sail over the bar.


Acheson wins the kickout again — he’s been immense — and Tipp will have a chance.

But Neill Forrester does trojan work in defence to pounce on a loose ball. Derry clear.


Tipperary 1-21 Derry 2-17: TIPP LEAD! Conor Sweeney! Less than 60 seconds left…


Tipp patiently play the ball around in front of Derry goal to wind down the clock. Bill Maher can’t stop it from going over the sideline. Derry will have one last chance.


BLACK CARD! Kevin O’Halloran takes down Brendan Rogers to stop the Derry attack. No argument — he’s off.

Flag 70Mins

FULL TIME: Tipperary 1-21 Derry 2-17

One last chance for Derry and Brendan Rogers backs himself to take it, but his shot drifts away to the left and wide as Tipp’s players punch the air.

Is that it?! Yes! Tipperary are through to the All-Ireland quarter-finals.

What a game!

Well, that was one of the games of the championship so far without a doubt. Derry looked to have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with that late Eoghan Browne goal.

But to their credit, Tipp never panicked and scored three of the final four points to take their place in the last eight.

So now we know two of our quarter-finals which will take place in Croke Park next Sunday, 31 July.

It will be Kerry v Clare in a repeat of the Munster semi-final, and Tipperary v Galway.


That’s all from us for now but stay with us over the course of the evening for more reaction and analysis.

Thanks for reading.

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