twitter Trimble tweeted this pic at the weekend with '#LifeAfterRugby'.
# Sparky
Andrew Trimble gets his bear suit on in support of Ulster Rugby
Guess all the waterboy slots were taken.

IF YOU WERE paying close attention to Ulster’s win over Treviso on Friday, you might just have caught yourself thinking; ‘crikey, that mascot is fairly light on his feet… for a bear.’

Well, you’d be right.

Because just like Batman to Bruce Wayne, Superman to Clarke Kent and, eh.. Mitch Buchanen to David Hasselhoff; Sparky has a secret identity.

Ravenhill’s bear is actually none other than, Andrew Trimble*. That explains why we’ve never actually spotted** Trimble and Sparky in the same place at the same time.

Of course Trimble attempted to maintain the illusion that it’s not him all the time, by suggesting it was just a 40-minute deal, but the truth is out now.

“I studied Sparky in the first half and thought it would be easy but I kind of lost the run of myself when Tommy scored,” he told the BBC.

Here he is in full flight celebrating Tommy Bowe’s first try of the season (he’s the one in the bear suit).

YouTube credit: RaboDirect PRO12

*This time

** Never that we can remember anyway.

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