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VIDEO: Fulham's Harlem Shake is worth it for Dimitar Berbatov alone
Meanwhile, we’re having a hard time picking out Damien Duff.

SOME OBSERVATIONS AND questions arising from Fulham’s Harlem Shake video…

(YouTube credit: Fulham FC)

1) Bryan Ruiz is quite a cautious pool player, casually dropping the yellow over the corner pocket and leaving Steve Sidwell with a tricky red to the middle.

2) Philippe Senderos and Chris Baird (sitting in the cheap seats down the back) look like they’re waiting for their number to come up in the tax office. “Will ticket number 364 please proceed to… counter… number… seven…’

3) Fair play to whoever remembered to fuzz out the tactics board.

Then, once the dancing starts…

4) Who IS that in the blue swimming hat and goggles? This has already been the subject of much conjecture on desk.

5) Can anyone spot Duffer?

6) Look at Dimitar Berbatov, just standing around, being all cool, minding his own business, waiting for that final whistle.

Help us out – can you spot Damien Duff in the maelstrom? What is Dimitar Berbatov thinking? Who will pay for a new pool table? And who is that in the blue swimming hat and goggles??? Leave a comment below…

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