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VIDEO: Nets fan gets hit by ball while texting

Scolding parents the world over will enjoy this ‘told you so’ moment from an NBA match

A NEW JERSEY Nets fan got so bored with his team’s losing efforts against the New York Knicks that he decided he would get down to some vital texting.

Sitting in the front row at the midweek clash between the NBA rivals, the fan scoffed at the home side’s 13-point fourth quarter deficit.

He, presumably, had more important things to worry about and busily texted as the action unfolded.

Knicks centre Tyson Chandler jumped to gather a rebound and bounced a pass in the direction of teammate Steve Novak.

The pass evaded Novak’s clutches and brought the texting fan back to reality.

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The fan seemed unaffected by the whole episode but reverted to calling rather than punching digits as the Nets mounted an unsuccessful comeback, eventually losing 104-95.

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