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Nixon Tapes?

Was the Aussies' GAA super-scout Ricky Nixon caught on camera?

A series of videos have emerged regarding the AFL agent’s alleged affair with a 17-year-old girl.

THE LATEST CONTROVERSY involving AFL super-agent Ricky Nixon looks set to continue after Australian media outlets obtained a number of videos which may shed further light on his alleged affair with a 17-year-old girl.

As reported here on Friday, accusations began to surface last week when the teenager at the centre of the St Kilda nude photo scandal told journalists that she had an “affair” with Nixon, the man who has lured several high-profile gaelic footballers down under.

Nixon subsequently informed reporters that he had visited the girl in her hotel room on Sunday night and again on Valentine’s Day, though he denied having an affair.

Friday’s Melbourne Herald Sun quoted the agent as saying that “in hindsight my dealings with this girl were inappropriate and I regret them. I won’t be seeing her again.”


Over the weekend, a series of videos emerged which the teenager has reportedly released to the media in an attempt to corroborate her story.

The Herald Sun’s website carries this video which appears to show Nixon exiting the hotel in which the girl was staying, a charge which the agent does not deny.

However, Channel 9’s A Current Affair has aired another video clip which shows the teenage girl going though a phone and wallet, claimed to be Nixon’s, while also showing a white powder on a bedside table.

A third leaked video has also been posted by the Herald Sun which is reported to show Nixon in his underwear, kneeling on a bed. The paper said it was not possible to tell who shot the video or establish how it was obtained.

Earlier today, the newspaper called on Nixon to “consent for the Herald Sun to release the audio and video tapes it has obtained”. It is not known if these recently published clips represent the full amount of evidence which the newspaper claims to have access to.


Victoria Police confirmed this morning that the teenage girl had been arrested and taken into custody. She was later released without charge.

The girl was questioned in relation to drug-related matters and offences under the Surveillance Act. Police will continue their inquiries into these matters.

No charges have been laid.


Prior to her arrest, the teenager spoke at length about the allegations which she is making against Nixon in an interview with Australian station Radio Nova. In the interview with Hughesy and Kate’s Breakfast Show, the 17-year-old elaborated on her accusations of an affair, saying that Nixon was visiting her two or three times per week and that they were having sex every time he came over.

She also claims that she sustained a black eye, hitting her head on the dashboard when Nixon’s anger caused him to suddenly stop the car that the two were travelling in.

Listen to the girl’s interview on Hughesy and Kate’s Breakfast Show (Nova FM) this morning.


In an attempt to clear his name, Nixon has also spoken to a number of radio stations, including sports broadcaster SEN.

Denying earlier media reports that he had taken alcohol to the teenager’s room, Nixon suggested that any case against him would ultimately rest on judgement of the girl’s word against his own.

What have they [the AFL Players' Association] got to investigate, a 17-year-old’s word that she reckons something’s happened?

She’s been shown to be an habitual liar, she’s been shown over a period of time not to prove anything, she’s a grandstander, she’s a person who just rings radio stations to get on there.

At the end of the day I think people are going to use a bit of common sense.

Listen to Nixon’s interview on SEN.


As details of the accusations against Nixon continue to emerge, the chief executive of the AFL Players’ Association, Matt Finnis, has also issued a statement indicating the AFLPA’s stance on Nixon’s future within the game.

The AFL Players’ Association takes its role in accrediting player agents very seriously. Agents play a vital role in the careers of our members and it’s importand they act with integrity and professionalism when dealing  with their clients.

Ricky Nixon is a former player and a long-standing player agent. He deserves to have the allegations made against him dealt in a professional and dispassionate manner

It is believed that the AFLPA have contacted Australian media outlets in an attempt to obtain video footage which will help them to decide if there is a case to be taken against Nixon.

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