WATCH: Joe Frazier's career highlights

We round up some of the late boxer’s most memorable moments, after he passed away last night.

BOXING LEGEND JOE Frazier passed away last night at the age of 67.

To mark his death, here are some of his best moments in the ring.

World Heavyweight title victory

Following an incredible start to his professional boxing career in which he went 24 matches without being beaten, Frazier was given a shot at the World Heavyweight title, which had previously been vacated by Muhammad Ali. He seized his opportunity, defeating Jimmy Ellis by a TKO.

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The Thrilla in Manilla

Dubbed by many critics as the greatest boxing match of all time, despite losing the bout, the incredible part he played in it ensured Frazier would attain legendary status.

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The Fight of the Century

However, it was not the first time he faced Ali. In fact, he became the first boxer to beat the legendary Ali in an encounter that was referred to as ‘The Fight of the Century’.

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Rivalry with Ali

And despite their fierce rivalry and occasional disagreements, shortly before his death, Frazier told Sports Illustrated that he harboured no ill-feeling towards Ali. Similarly, Ali’s mutual respect for Frazier is evident in the video below:

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And finally, a tribute video to the late boxer:

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