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WATCH: Oscar winning sports documentary 'Undefeated'
The film which follows the trials and travails of an inner city Memphis highschool team looks absolutely deserving of last night’s gong.

NO OTHER SPORT can really stand up and be represented on celluloid the way American football can.

But you can finally put aside that well-worn DVD of Any Given Sunday and give Friday Night Lights a rest.

This is the real thing.

Undefeated is a documentary, backed by Harvey Weinstein and P Diddy, which follows a struggling, disorganised inner-city football team.

Of course, football is just a backdrop for the real story of how the teenagers involved must overcome countless obstacles on a daily basis.

Directed by Daniel Lindsay and TJ Martin the film saw off competition from an illustrious line-up which excluded the much lauded, Senna.

“You think football builds character. It does not.”

“Football reveals character.”

Can’t wait.

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