Screengrab via YouTube. Turnaround! The ball heads goalwards.
Penalty fail

Watch: The Italian shootout 'keeper who thought it was all over...but it wasn't

Loris Angeli thought his side had been promoted only for the deadly backspin of a football to deny him and his team.

“PLAY TO THE Whistle” is what coaches have drilled into their players since the beginning of time but unfortunately one Italian goalkeeper totally ignored that mantra with devastating results for his team.

Loris Angeli, a keeper for Italian seventh-tier side Dro, was initially delighted when he watched Termeno’s Michael Palma hit a sudden death spot kick into the crossbar with the scores level at 4-4, reports Yahoo! Sports.

As the disconsolate Palma fell to his feet, Angeli wheeled away in celebration awaiting the plaudits of his team-mates, but the ball came back down to earth and with tremendous backspin creeped over the line.

The goal correctly stood and when Dro’s final penalty was saved it meant Termeno were promoted and fireworks ensured.