In video: This camera ball will change the way we watch sport

So they’ve put a load of cameras INSIDE a ball now. Strap in for the Munster final.

DID YOU SEE the post earlier showing you what it felt like to be a cheerleader?

Now imagine, instead of a cheerleader, that camera is actually inside a football. And it is not just one camera, but a whole bunch of that are able to create a panoramic view.

That is the “Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera,” a ball with 36 cameras.

Not only would it give the viewer a perspective we have never seen before but it would also impact the games.

We would never have to worry about whether the ball hit the ground, or if the ball broke the goaline or if that home run was fair or foul.

A large percentage of all instant replay questions could be instantly answered by having cameras inside the ball.

What are they
really like?

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Here’s a demonstration…

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