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The YouTube top 10: because we're inside despite the nice weather
If you like seeing people fall over, make mistakes in their job and various football-in-the-groin scenarios – this is the place for you.

10. This guy knows how to conduct an interview; look around the room distractedly, ask the difficult questions and tell the coach he’s got a beautiful mustache.


9. The usually unflappable Dan Walker was well and truly flappable last weekend when his mistake made Robbie Savage happier than the Coca-Cola Cup.


8. Brian O’Driscoll scored his 25th Six Nations try against England on Saturday. What a guy. Here’s every one of those steps to the tournament record:


7. If Schumi ‘s trying to sell the car someone should just tell him to stick an ad on the internet or something.

6. Aussie surfers take on a dam. Pretty impressive I guess. (Contains some colourful language)

DAM DAY: Tackling Australia from Paul Fisher on Vimeo.


5. We brought you a flick-book of this play yesterday, it’s so good. JaVale McGee: rejected!

4. Munster’s Dougie Howlett: maith an fear…


3. LeBron James either got a new publiscit, ralises he’s hated by everyone or just really likes aerobics. The Miami Heat man appeared on Ellen this week, surprising one of her writers. Then the dancing started:

2. My friend and yours, Zizou, could play a bit couldn’t he? This clip has just come to light – we’re not sure when it was filmed however. It’s nice that he apologised to ‘keepers after he humiliated them.


1. And though we liked this football KO very much, the re-edited Grand Slam video had to top this week’s chart. More from YouTube enigma ‘GrandSlamMeArse’ please.

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