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Last month
February 2023
Far right protesters aren't just in it for the cause - there's also money to be made
A report by
Eimer McAuley
One agitator asks his followers for support to cover travel and other expenses related to the protests.
Anti-immigration activists monetise their YouTube accounts and ask for donations, reports Eimer McAuley.
Experts say the tactics are imported from abroad but the levels of profit are small at present.
Last year
# Banned
YouTube becomes latest platform to ban Andrew Tate for breaching hate speech rules
Tate has gained notoriety online for comments about women including suggesting they “bear some responsibility” if they are assaulted.
# the good fight
Are the social media platforms doing enough - or anything - to deal with misinformation?
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all say that they’re trying to make their platforms better. What exactly are they doing?
# online misinformation
Factcheckers send open letter to YouTube over 'destructive' misinformation on the platform
The open letter is addressed to YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki from over 80 fact-checking organisations around the world.
All time
# Social Media
TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat defend apps impact on kids at US hearing
TikTok and Snapcaht reps argued they are built to protect against the mental health and safety risks present on social media.
# Misinformation
YouTube to remove anti-vaccine videos from its platform
YouTube has removed more than 130,000 videos since last year for violating its Covid-19 vaccine policies.
# YouTube
Youtube suspends Sky News Australia from uploading content following Covid denial videos
YouTube said “numerous” offending videos have now been removed.
# removed
YouTube removes Myanmar army channels as UN meets on coup crisis
YouTube said it is watching for any further content that might violate its rules.
# Videos
YouTube suspends Trump’s account due to concerns about 'ongoing potential for violence'
The video sharing website said it will also disable comments on the US president’s channel “indefinitely”.
# Tune in
Here's this week's schedule of GAA inter-county games on TV and livestreams
The action commences with two games in Munster tonight.
# google down
Google says worldwide service outage caused by internal technical fault
Google apologised to all users affected by the outage.
# doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby Shark becomes most-watched YouTube video ever
The childrens’ song dethroned Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito as the most-watched video on the platform.
# jake paul
Heavily armed FBI agents search home of YouTube star Jake Paul
Images aired by US media showed large firearms being retrieved from the social media influencer’s mansion.
# tiktok
Explainer: TikTok is on the block but why has Donald Trump given Microsoft 45 days to make a bid?
A September deadline looms for the blockbuster acquisition.
# Misinformation
YouTube says it will remove election-related videos that are 'manipulated' to mislead voters
The move comes amid growing concern about so-called “deepfake” videos altered by using artificial intelligence.
# Online abuse
RTÉ journalist experienced racist abuse online for over two years
Zainab Boladale said she has been dealing with much of the abuse since 2017.
# Rise
How two aspiring footballers hit 10 million YouTube subscribers
Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove started out on a conventional path to football stardom, but ultimately took a different route to get there.
# Anger
'Why didn't you play?' South Korean fan flies to Sweden to harangue Ronaldo
Kwak Ji-hyuk posted the 11-minute clip on his YouTube channel.
# policy breach
YouTube bans Gemma O'Doherty over 'hate speech' policy breaches
O’Doherty continued to post videos on a second YouTube account despite receiving a seven-day ban.
# High Court
Google agrees to give details of user who posted 'defamatory' YouTube video about a garda
The Garda claims the video commentary wrongly accuses him of kicking a minor in the head.
# Viral Video
French Muslim group sues Facebook and YouTube over New Zealand shooting video
Facebook France told AFP by e-mail that it would study the suit, adding that “acts of terror and hatred speech have no place on Facebook”.
# bad influencers
Berlin police break up mass brawl organised by two rival YouTube stars
Berlin police said they made nine arrests after a fight broke among some 400 fans.
# YouTube
Adoptive mother arrested after allegedly starving and pepper spraying child YouTube stars
The Fantastic Adventures channel had more than 700,000 followers and 240 million views.
# YouTube
Judge orders video footage of child being taken into care be seized over social media fears
Tusla had concerns that the footage would be posted on YouTube.
# illuminati confirmed
Here's why you might never fall down a YouTube conspiracy theory rabbit hole again
The site is cracking down on content.
# james charles
What you need to know about James Charles, the teen YouTuber whose meet-and-greet shut down a city
The 19 year-old caused traffic chaos in Birmingham this week.
# Logan Paul
With regret, I must inform you that Logan Paul is at it again
New year, new controversy.
# mystery box
Help, I can't stop watching videos of people buying mystery boxes filled with shite
So. Much. Shite.
# what to watch
10 long(ish) YouTube videos to watch if you're fed up of Christmas telly
Get comfy and waste some time on the internet.
# online ads
Advertising watchdog should be 'beefed up' so it can monitor online political ads
The minister said the ASAI should have statutory powers extended to it so it can take over monitoring the standards of political ads.
YouTuber James Charles has asked followers to respect personal boundaries after a fan showed up at his house
And it caused a bit of a debate.
# beauty news
Help, I can't stop watching YouTube videos of people destroying makeup
Oddly satisfying.
# influencing 101
Curious as to how much money influencers make? These women broke it down for their followers
How much is an Instagram worth, then?
# Freckle Fail
A Youtuber tried to give herself henna freckles, and obviously it was a total disaster
And let that be a lesson to you.
# honest AF
This brutally honest Irish MUA mam should be your next must-follow
She doesn’t mince her words.
# JackSepticEye
Irishman Seán McLoughlin on list of top-earning Youtube stars for 2018
The gamer – who goes by the moniker JackSepticEye – was eighth on the Forbes list.
# Abortion vote
Social media ad regulations should be drawn up for future referendums, Commission says
The Referendum Commission says new regulations should be drawn up by government.
# Courts
Garda brings High Court action to have YouTube video of public order incident taken down
The garda claims commentary on the video falsely accuses him of kicking a minor in the head.
# tana mongeau
YouTuber Tana Mongeau's latest scandal proves controversy is currency in this new age of celebrity
A misjudgment or a marketing strategy?
# the makeup chair
This Cork YouTuber gave viewers an honest look into life with chronic illness and should be commended for it
Sinead described her life as a “balancing act”.