The Spoiler
# Different Class
What we learned this weekend...
We’ve been studying hard all weekend (lying on the couch in SuperTed pyjamas eating cold hot dogs) and here’s the lessons we’ve taken from the sports action on telly.

1. Steve Davis is a genius

Well we knew that, I can hear you saying. And yes, the Nugget – with six world titles on his sideboard – is indeed a snooker savant.

But he knows, like, maths and stuff too.

Last night during the BBC coverage of the Masters final from Wembley Arena, Davis left presenter Hazel Irvine and Stephen Hendry speechless when he explained  that the loss of so many seeds early in the competition could be explained by the appliance of ‘the bi-modal theory’.

He admitted his son told him about it – and ‘he does maths in school’.

2. The sun rises in the east for Irish rugby

Leinster are now the powerhouses of the game in this country. Munster are facing a long path back to the top with plenty of their big names and the supporting cast some tough questions.

Read what needs to happen at Thomond Park to get the Reds back to the European peak yet again.

Joe Schmidt’s boys march on while Ulster hang on in there too. It’s a new day.

3. Kenny Dalglish is cooler than the Fonz

I honestly didn’t think it possible. but the evidence is irrefutable.

Henry Winkler went on to become  one of American football’s greatest coaches of course. John Hayes uses the ‘tacklin’ fuel’ visualisation technique to this day also.

4. Rex Ryan runs like an old man chasing kids from his orchard

Am I right? He’s hardly Jose Mourinho skipping down the Old Trafford sideline is he? Still, the Jets won.

5. Dublin for Sam, wha?

Pat Gilroy’s men clicked into gear against Wexford yesterday. Footballer of the year Bernard Brogan strolled on for a 15-minute cameo in which he bagged 1-1.

The Dubs are priced at 6-1 for the All-Ireland SFC title. Like Michael Buble, you can call me irresponsible. But I’m lumping on.