What would an Irish NFL team be called?

From the Cowboy Builders to the Dublin Bus, we take a look at possible Irish NFL teams

FOLLOWING YESTERDAY’S NEWS that the Lingerie Football League will be setting up in Ireland we couldn’t help but put our thinking caps on in HQ.

Imagine if Ireland got an NFL team? Where would they be based and what would they be called?

Here are some of our suggestions:

The Irish Rain

What better way to describe an Irish team than by the weather they’re likely to play in most of the time?

The Cowboy Builders

We’ve had plenty of these represent us over they years, why not honour them?

The Galway Armada

The West would have a viable claim for a team given their, em, proximity to the States.

The Tullamore Thundercats

Offaly can lay claim to the ancestral home of the current US president, putting them in the frame.

The Dingle Dolphins

As one Ireland’s most famous tourist destinations for American visitors, Fungie would want in on the action.

The Dublin Bus

But, of course, the most likely location for an Irish NFL franchise is the capital city.

Well that’s what we think but what about you?

What would you call an Irish NFL Franchise. Let us know in the comments below.

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