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10 of the most annoying fans in sport

As long as you keep your clothes on and stand by your team then you’re alright by us.

SPORT IS GREAT, we all love it. But sometimes our fellow members of the hoard can express that love in a way that makes enjoying a game  very, very difficult.

We’re sure they mean well and all, but… these 10 are ruining it for the rest of us.

Attention-seeking fans who get too close to the action

We didn’t pay all this money to watch you get in the way.

Good on ya, blue t-shirt guy.

YouTube credit: John Smith

Fans who leave early when their team is losing

If your only method of getting home is pulling out of the station/dock within 20 minutes of full time, that’s fair enough. But ‘beating the crowd’ is not a valid excuse for leaving a venue before your team has sweated every last bead.

These Miami Heat fans got their comeuppance for leaving early, they missed the pivotal and legendary finale to game six of the NBA finals.

YouTube credit: kim06477

Fans that miss the start of both halves

Just as we’re sitting uncomfortably, engrossed in the unfolding drama, you come along with an armful of ketchup-smothered sausages and chips and a drink splashing everywhere. We have to get up and desperately crane our neck to avoid eye contact as your crotch scooches by ours, it’s worse than the cinema!

Barrington Coombs/EMPICS Sport

Golf fans who shout ‘it’s in the hole’ after every swing

Happy Gilmore was 17 years ago, bro.

That said, we have a soft spot for mashed potatoes.

YouTube credit: Tom Fitzpatrick

Last word hunters in SW19

Just as the American golf fan tries to time his yell to perfection to be heard immediately after contact with made between club and ball, the Wimbledon set love nothing better than waiting until everyone else has hushed up before unleashing their own ‘COME ON, ANDY/ROGER/TIM/LAURA’ so that everyone can hear them and the actual tennis player they’re there to support has to check their rhythm and bounce the ball a few extra times before serving.

Oh, and they still fall off their expensive seat laughing when John McEnroe pretends to be angry at an umpire.

Jeff Moore/Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment


Okay, we’re all guilty of it to some extent, but some people really pull out all the stops. Just like Homer and the Isotopes, they’ll be decked out head to toe in team colours and if anyone should question their commitment, they’ll give ‘proof’ by way of an anecdote of their last hop aboard the bandwagon in 1987.

Oh look, it’s life-long Murraymaniac Bradley Cooper.

GIF via @BryanAGraham

The fan who is never happy

Every pass, every shot that trails wide, any time the ball is not ‘driven up the field’ and every single refereeing decision against your team is justification for abuse to rain down from the stand.

Chill out, pal. We know it’s more than a game, but you’re taking years off all our lives.

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PA Wire/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Irish fans who chant in an English accent

‘Do you come from Manchester?’ No? Then why do you sound like Steve McDonald when you watch sport? And the rest of you, pronouncing Steven Gerrard’s name with an extra A instead of the third R…


YouTube credit: llamallama088

Full kit W@*&ers

Boots and all.

Credit: @BenJumba


Keep it in your pants, lads.

Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport

Why can’t you be more like this guy?


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