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YouTube top 10: because Barcelona under-10s aren't half bad

Also featuring Connacht at their very best, Caroline Wozniacki imitating Serena Williams and possibly the worst penalty you’ve ever seen

10. Americans aren’t normally renowned for their prowess at rugby, but Carlin Isles is a notable exception. He’s a good old-fashioned pacy winger, to put it mildly.

YouTube credit: rugbyplease

9. Meet basketball’s answer to Geoff Shreeves, LA Times reporter TJ Simers, who has a history of asking ill-advised post-match questions.

YouTube credit: daBombshellVOD

8. In case you missed it earlier in the week, here’s Caroline Wozniacki’s hilarious imitation of Serena Williams:

YouTube credit: seeyousoon2013

7. And they say basketball’s a non-contact sport…

YouTube credit: pennyccwai

6. Crowd violence in sport is nothing new, but at a wheelchair basketball game? Consequently, tear gas was released and ten arrests were made.

YouTube credit: BustedCoverage

5. Did you enjoy that Ulster win over Northampton as much as we did? Here’s another look at Tommy Bowe’s game-changing try, for your viewing pleasure.

YouTube credit: TheUAFC

4. And of course, there was the small matter of the Connacht game too this last weekend, the highlights of which you can see again below.

YouTube credit: Ballboll81

3. Barcelona is famed for its youth academy, La Masia, and the video below concisely demonstrates why Barca’s youngsters are held in such high esteem.

YouTube credit: fcbarcelona


2. As far as celebrations go, this is no Bebeto doing the cradle, but it’s still pretty impressive.

YouTube credit: Kistengang2

1. Worst penalty ever?

YouTube credit: jensfcbruges

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