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YouTube Top 10: because Ray Lewis is one hell of a motivator
Goalkeeping howlers, bizarre three-pointers, and some powerful words of consolation. It’s all in this week’s YouTube Top 10.

10. Goalkeepers of the world, look away now — Real Mallorca keeper Juan Jesus Calatayud had one of those moments against Atletic Bilbao last night.

YouTube Credit: jannashobe

9. I’m not sure who “HomebrewPrice” is, but he seems to filling up YouTube with stupid clips of his kids. I mean, this isn’t even the best kid-crying-after-favourite-NFL-team-loses video we’ve seen. Must do better.

YouTube Credit: HomebrewPrice

8. We may have overdone it slightly with our “Tebow Time” love-in over the past few weeks, but like the rest of the world, we’ve since moved on. It’s all about Zebo Time now.

YouTube Credit: shk7619

7. Tomas Berdych gives a masterclass in how to be a gracious loser. Australian Open crowd respond accordingly.

YouTube Credit: agiledesigner

6. We’ve no idea how you sign up for a game of “Bubbleball”, but this is happening at‘s weekly five-a-side game soon, trust me.

YouTube Credit: Brillefaen1234


5. Have you ever seen a basketball player score a three-pointer into the wrong basket? It takes a special kind of talent.

YouTube Credit: Demand209


4. Paul Kimmage and Irish Times journo Ian O’Riordan had a right old ding-dong on iTalkSport as the fallout from the Martin Fagan doping controversy continues. Worth a watch.

YouTube Credit: setantasportsireland

3. Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer’s Australian Open semi-final was a most enjoyable way to spend the morning, but the highlight has to be the ballboy’s mad skillz.

YouTube Credit: ESPN

2. Liverpool and Manchester United meet in the FA Cup fourth round on Saturday. Let us take you back to a little-known meeting between the sides in 1999…

YouTube Credit: EntertainmentMUFC

1. This puts Al Pacino and Any Given Sunday to shame, mainly because it actually happened. Ray Lewis had a few words for his Baltimore Ravens team-mates in the aftermath of Sunday’s AFC Championship loss against the New England Patriots.

YouTube Credit: xvxsharpxvx

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