YouTube top 10: because we don't understand why no-one auto-tuned Trap before

This week features Mickey Rourke on Gareth Thomas, Lance Armstrong on Paul Kimmage and Giovanni Trapattoni on cats.

10. Legendary manager, master tactician and now, thanks to the wonders of technology, Trap will surely soon be able to add hit singer to his CV. It’s no wonder he had to downplay comparisons to God recently.

YouTube Credit: DJhUachtharain

9. Tennis stars such as John McEnroe, Andre Agassi and Bjorn Borg all re-live past matches in this new commercial. It may not be quite as you remember it though.

YouTube Credit: jelenakth

8. NFL players aren’t always known for their agility, but Jarius Wright (eventually) demonstrates the reflexes of a cheetah in this clip.

YouTube Credit: hogs518

7. All Joe Adams does is win in this astonishing highlight from the Arkansas Razorbacks’ encounter with Tennessee. American football’s answer to Messi anyone?

YouTube Credit: samuelgrayart

6. You don’t get signed up by Man United as a youngster without being half-decent, and Robbie Brady cleary fits such criteria, as his recent U-21 performance demonstrated.

YouTube Credit: fergaldavey

5. Piers Morgan can be accused of being a lot of things, but a bad interviewer is not one of them. In this clip, he gets Mickey Rourke to speak candidly about his upcoming movie based on the life of Gareth Thomas – the first-ever openly gay rugby player.

YouTube Credit: Hollywood2NY

4. So what does ‘the cat is in the sack’ actually mean? Over to you Trap…

YouTube Credit: aletubo

3. John Delaney got a less-than-warm reception from the Irish fans in Estonia. Still though, as embarrassing heads of football organisations go, Delaney is by no means the worst.

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YouTube Credit: SingingSectionYBIG

2. Michael Corcoran got a tad excited about Ronan O’Gara’s last-minute drop-goal last weekend…

YouTube Credit: OTB878

1. It was announced earlier this week that sports writer Paul Kimmage would be leaving the Sunday Times. Kimmage has been one of the most reputed journalists of recent years, and has been involved in the odd controversy, as the clip below demonstrates.

YouTube Credit: cyclefilm

As chosen by Adrian Russell, Niall Kelly and Paul Fennessy.

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