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21 signs you're an Irish NFL fan

From an addiction to coffee and learning the rules thorough Madden.

1. You’ve at least one friend who supports the Pittsburgh Steelers because they’re owned by the Rooney family

imageImage: WINSLOW TOWNSON/AP/Press Association Images

2. This is how you feel every Tuesday for 17 weeks after staying up for the late Sunday and Monday night games

image Image: Flickr

3. You tweet @SkySportsNFL every Sunday to complain about Cecil and/or Neil Reynolds

YouTube: Ross Miles

4. You get ridiculously happy when you meet any other NFL fan here

imageGIF: Reaction GIFS

5. You’ve genuinely considered how good Colin Corkery would have been as a kicker

imageImage: INPHO/Andrew Paton

6. When you go to a game you wear your team’s jersey whether they’re playing or not

imageImage: Andrew Matthews/PA Archive/Press Association Images

7. Coffee is a food group

image Image: Flickr

8. You know that speech from Any Given Sunday off by heart

YouTube: umterps3511

9. You learned all the rules of the game by playing Madden

imageGIF: GIF Soup

10. You knew Tyler Eifert was made for the NFL when you saw him in Lansdowne last year

imageImage: INPHO/Cathal Noonan

11. You’ve accidentally made the touchdown signal while watching your team score in another sport

imageImage: Joe Raymond/AP/Press Association Images

12. You’ve made Thanksgiving dinner for your mates because of the sheer joy of being able to watch Thursday football at a reasonable hour

image Image: Flickr

13. You’re sick and tired of rugby fans claiming it’s not a real sport because of the padding

YouTube: snakemanlax2k7

14. You hoped JJ Watt was serious when he said he wanted to take Jamie Heaslip’s spot on the Irish rugby team

GIF: Grantland

15. In quieter moments you’ve wondered what an Irish NFL franchise might be called. The Irish Rain anyone?

imageImage: Steven O’Rourke/

16. You chose to support a team based on the city you spent your J1 summer in

imageImage: Dave Martin/AP/Press Association Images

17. You’ve spent more Sunday evenings than you care to remember in sports bars

imageImage: Flickr

18. You’ve played Junior B with at least one guy who reminded you of the Fridge

YouTube: chitown2100

19. You’ve been tempted to do this in your mate’s house while watching a game

GIF: Photobucket

20. You’ve an irrational affinity for players like Joey Harrington who’ve any sort of connection to Ireland

imageImage: John Bazemore/AP/Press Association Images

21. And because of that you’re going to keep a close eye on the progress of Sean Galvin in the coming years

imageImage: UCF

What have we missed? Loads obviously. Let us know in the comments below.

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