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AFL player banned for slagging opponent's mother

Patrick McGinnity, a 22-year-old defender with the West Coast Eagles, has picked up a one-week ban and a hefty fine for making abusive comments about the mother of an opponent during a recent AFL encounter.

AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL is famous for many things. A robust code of conduct regarding the respect of women traditionally hasn’t been one of them.

Until now.

As confirmed by Australia’s Fox Sports, Patrick McGinnity, a defender with the West Coast Eagles, has found himself on the receiving end of a one-week ban and $2,500 fine after making abusive comments about the mother of a recent opponent. He’ll also be obliged to undergo counselling based on the league’s respect and responsibility policies.

The defender has since expressed “deep regret” for his comments:

“I sincerely apologise to the Melbourne player who my comments were directed at.”

Ricky Petterd, the player on the receiving end of Eagle’s barrage of abuse, has yet to publicly respond, but his father, Wayne Petterd, wasn’t thrilled about the incident:

“I just think this bloke has to learn to grow up. When you disrespect a player’s family, you have crossed the line.”

The initial complaint against McGinnity was made after one of the match umpires overheard the exchange and judged it to be worth pursuing.

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