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France's Victor Perez continues fairytale run to reach WGC Match Play semi-finals
He advances with Matt Kuchar, Billy Horschel and Scottie Scheffler.
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Young Irishman dies after crash in Texas
It’s believed the man was from Dublin and was on holiday with friends.
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'A very challenged young man': Texas bomber left video confession on phone before he died
The video details the weapons he used but fails to outline a motive for the attacks.
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Texas parcel bombings suspect blows himself up as police Swat team closes in
Authorities identified the suspect only as a 24-year-old white man.
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Austin parcel bombs: Texas police find clue after FedEx centre explosion
A sixth explosion that went off yesterday isn’t related to the other five, police said yesterday.
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'We're clearly dealing with a serial bomber': Another parcel blast reported in Texas
This is the fifth bombing this month.
# Texas
Two injured in fresh explosion in Austin as police investigate series of parcel bombings
The head of police has warned residents not to touch any unexpected packages left at their homes.
# Mail Bomb
Texas is rattled by a series of parcel bombs that have killed two people in 10 days
Officers are investigating whether the attacks are serial hate crimes.
# Dail be back
Leo to join Arnie and Bernie Sanders as speakers at US festival
The stop in Texas forms part of Varadkar’s trip to the US for St Patrick’s Day.
# trump and dump
The company making lots of money out of the chaos Trump's tweets cause in the corporate world
The Trump & Dump bot is designed to make stock trades based purely on who Trump has been tweeting about.
# Cocks Not Glocks
Students at University of Texas protest gun law with sex toys
A new law allows concealed handguns in college classrooms, buildings and dorms.
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One woman dead and multiple victims at shooting in Austin, Texas
There were two seperate shooting incidents and police are still looking for the suspect.
# Haruka Weiser
Texas university on edge after brutal killing of 18-year-old dance student on campus
Haruka Weiser was found dead in a creek.
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This US state trooper's bosses really aren't happy about this photo
The officer was reprimanded for associating with a known criminal.
# endamania
Look who Enda Kenny wrestled* with yesterday
*Sort of
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Enda Kenny is going to perform at a music festival in Texas*
*No word on whether or not he’ll actually sing.
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PR firm forced to change 'racist' name after massive Twitter reaction
The company has deleted its social media accounts.
# lost the head
100 human brains have gone missing from a university in Texas
# always on my fist
Willie Nelson is getting a black belt in martial arts today
He’s eighty years old.
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Texas news station gets missing plane search graphic epically wrong
Not helping, Texas. Not helping.
# printed oreos
10 insufferably smug tweets from SXSW
Yeah we get it, you’re all changing the world.
# Tragedy
Suspected drunk driver kills two and injures 25 at SXSW festival
The car drove at high speed into a crowd before knocking two people off a moped and crashing into a taxi.
# delicious brains
This is a wedding cake... and the bride made it
I… er… do?
# Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Guy offers $1500 to the person who can find him his ideal girlfriend
Can you help this man find the girl of his dreams?
# Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland to open offices in Texas and Istanbul
Minister Richard Bruton said that the government is determined to build a “powerful engine of Irish exporting businesses”.
# Trade mission y'all
Yee-haw! Jobs minister Richard Bruton off to Texas on trade mission
Burton will meet with Texas governor Rick Perry as part of his four-day trade mission to the Lone Star State.
# D-Day
Lance Armstrong ready as Oprah comes to town
The shamed rider seemed ‘unfazed by the attention and the international news crews that made stops at his home’ yesterday.
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US Grand Prix: Hamilton gate-crashes Vettel's title party
Vettel’s second place was enough for Red Bull to claim the contructors title.
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Party in the USA: Vettel imperious in practice
The German could seal another Formula One title this weekend.
# Race
US Supreme Court to hear case of race discrimination by University of Texas
Abigail Fisher, who recently graduated from Louisiana State University, believes her failure to be accepted at the University of Texas was race-related.
Column: Why I still believe in Lance Armstrong
Having come to know the controversial cycling superstar, former Clare hurler Tony Griffin says he does not feel let down by the ‘human, flawed’ Armtrong.
Armstrong team stumbles as it takes USADA to court
An American federal judge said the former Tour de France champion’s lawsuit seemed more intended to whip up public opinion in Armstrong’s favor than focus on legal arguments.
# What the...
Homeless people used as internet hotspots at tech conference
Homeless people at the SXSW festival in Texas wear t-shirts that say “I am a 4G hotspot”, and carry devices which allow conference attendees to get online.