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March 2024
There is no excusing Kyle Hayes' crime, yet his name will still be cheered
Limerick supporters backed Hayes in Croke Park, and many will likely do so again as the year progresses.
'People like that local touch' - The growth of GAA county podcasts
Feeding the appetite for GAA conversation, keeping emigrants connected to home, insider knowledge on parking – local podcasters are serving many functions.
This year
Crash of the ash: How dieback could break the hurley-making industry
An airborne disease has ravaged the species, leaving growers decimated and hurley-makers scrambling for a long-term supply of ash.
Last year
The 42's Best of 2023: The legend of Dublin's North Star, Stephen Cluxton
Stephen Cluxton’s aversion to publicity and acclaim has only seen his legend grow, writes Arthur James O’Dea.
'The fear of failure was greater than the desire to win. That was my driving force'
In opting not to speak, the legend of Dublin's North Star Cluxton has only grown
Arthur O'Dea: Limerick reach pinnacle with 15-minute composition for the ages
Rory Gallagher's absence from Derry conversation is both understandable and unsatisfactory
Arthur O'Dea: Inter-county hurling is at an unimaginable level, but its stars are still anonymous
Arthur O'Dea: Female players have spoken, but did we hear them?
TJ Reid's approach to hurling is so beautifully simplistic, and that’s what makes him great
Arthur O'Dea: Football's dominant counties should be challenged by innovators and disrupters
The Sunday Game struggling with difficult balancing act
Arthur O'Dea: Hurling is thriving and hurling is dying
Arthur O'Dea: Young Sligo footballers shaping county's destiny from within
The commonality and subtle differences between John Kiely and Giannis Antetokounmpo
Train in vain: Can the Leinster championship ever get back on track?
Gaelic football needs innovators and realists who seek to upend traditional powers
Arthur O'Dea: The past is a different county
The town where black and white thinking is coloured by a bit o'red
Brian Tyers' pitch-perfect TG4 commentary cuts through the language barrier
GAA partisans should not try to take moral high ground on diving
Aidan O'Shea's time is running out. I hope he finds what he's searching for
Dermot Kelly: Father, husband, songwriter, poet, bank manager and hurling hero
Token gestures, subterfuge, and fear: how hurling's development is being frustrated