4:57! This absolute hero has broken the world record for the Beermile

Four laps, four beers in under five minutes. It can be done.

Bow down!
Bow down!
Image: YouTube

FOR STARTERS, LET’S just explain what a Beermile is – because had no idea when we woke up this morning.

A Beermile is a time trial over (you guessed it) one mile while consuming (right again!) beer, typically played out by running four laps of a 400 metre running track – that’s 1600 metres rather than the 1609 that make a mile.

Believe it or not, there are official Beermile rules which, among other things, state that you must consume at least four beers in either a can or a bottle before running each lap.

The cans or bottles must not be modified in any way and contain at least 355 mls (12 oz) of sweet, delicious beer with a minimum 5% alcohol content.

Got that? Now, allow us to introduce the hero of this tale: James Nielsen.

The American really seems to have done A LOT of research and preparation into running very fast, detailing in this video how he has shed upper body weight and trained his stomach to cope with the expansion that will come with the carbon dioxide.

Obviously, he’s been practicing his beer-drinking too. “I can drink a beer in two or three seconds out of glass.” But out of a can he aimed to drink his Budweiser in four or five seconds.

Watch his, ahem, inspirational story and full four laps.

Source: James Nielsen/YouTube

His immediate reaction to achieving the 4:57 run?

What are they
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“It’s really painful.”

Powerful words indeed. Here are Neilsen’s splits. Stand and applaud the man.


Okay, so we’re taking this guy (and his very understanding wife) at their word that this first ever sub five-minute Beermile is indeed valid. But we reckon they’re a trustworthy looking bunch.

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