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Have you heard of the app which helps you fix and maintain your bike?

It might set you back a couple of Euro but it’s well worth checking out.

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HAVING FINALLY CONFESSED to being a dreadful bike mechanic, I recently downloaded an app called ‘Bike Repair’ which purported to teach absolute beginners how to maintain their machines, be it road, mountain or hybrid.

Having ridden bikes for almost a decade, it’s quite an achievement to not be able to index gears properly, so I confessed it was about time I learnt a few tricks.

On first use, this app proved its worth by how easy it was to actually use.

There are several categories: General, Brakes, Wheels, Crankset, Drivetrain, Wheels, Handlebars, Derailleurs, Saddle, Suspension.

This is where you start searching to a solution to your problems.

For example, under the ‘Wheels’ section there are 14 questions from ‘When I spin my wheel it wobbles side to side’ and ‘I left my bike inside the car and when I came out I had a flat tyre’.

It’s that easy: click your complaint and follow the instructions. These are the questions you might even be too ashamed to ask a bike mechanic.

The app’s beauty lies in how easy it is to actually navigate your way through these various pages.

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I haven’t used other bike maintenance apps but this one serves as a good reference point and it sets a high bar in terms of simplicity.

Under the headings alluded to already, there are a total of 58 common problems which make repairing easy and quick, from gears that ‘skip’, to punctured tyres to creaking chains and ‘frozen’ brakes.

As well as that, there are 95 tips and tricks included – and to my mind, that is a pretty significant amount.

These include ways to keep your chain lubricated and how to detect a worn chain. The biggest problem areas on any bike are gears and brakes and in a country where roads can often be wet and muddy, these ‘minor’ issues are often made worse by neglect.

So, included in the aforementioned ‘tips’ are a list of ways by which you can preserve your bikes’ longevity.

As well as the option of repairing your bike, the app also has an ‘aches and pains’ section which allows you to get to the bottom of things like lower back pain or tingling in your hands.

If you’re tired of costly trips to the bike shop, chance parting with €3.50 and learn skills you’ll wonder why you never had before.

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