Rob Kearney doesn't believe Brian O'Driscoll when he tells him about his sheep grazing possibilities. INPHO/Cathal Noonan
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9 things Brian O'Driscoll can do* now he's got the Freedom of Dublin

The honour will be bestowed on the rugby legend from 2014 so we’ve drawn up a wishlist on his behalf. *Some are real!

THE FETING OF Brian O’Driscoll will continue in 2014 when the Irish rugby legend officially gets the Freedom of Dublin.

According the Dublin City Council, here are some of the rights O’Driscoll will enjoy from 1 January onwards:

  • Bring goods into Dublin through the city gates, without paying customs duties
  • Pasture sheep on common ground within the city boundaries
  • Vote in municipal and parliamentary elections

Watch out for the O’Driscoll flock grazing on open ground all over D6. And, while that all sounds pretty rock n’ roll, here are a few things we hope BOD’s new honour entitles him to do.

90-second trolley dash around The Square Shopping Centre

imageJust don’t get distracted by cute babies like Gay Mitchell did here in 2011. Photocall Ireland/Sasko Lazarov

Tour buses must divert by your house and mention the hattrick against France in 2000

imageGPO, St Patrick Cathedral, O’Driscoll’s pad, then swing it around to the Guinness Storehouse. INPHO/Tom Honan

Jump the taxi line at Dublin Airport

imageSeriously, we once queued in front of Irish goalscoring hero John Aldridge on a frosty Sunday after a Ryanair flight from Liverpool. Photocall Ireland/Mark Stedman

Access to the Cadbury factory in Coolock whenever he gets a sweet tooth


Credit: Photocall Ireland

House parties with Michael D. up at Farmleigh

image‘No, no. That couch had beer stains when we got there Mr President’. INPHO/Dan Sheridan

Allowed pay on to Dublin Bus with notes

imageNo more fishing around for change in his rugby gear after training any more. Photocall Ireland/Salboal

A free pig every month and two comely lasses of virtue true

Good enough for Springfield’s chief of police Clancy Wiggum, good enough for BOD.

YouTube credit: summervs

Queue skipping for one n’ one at Leo Burdocks is now allowed

imageSorry kid but come back to us when you’ve scored 46 tries for Ireland. Photocall Ireland/Laura Hutton

BOD masks for everyone!

imageCredit: @amyhuberman

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