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7 of the most annoying things a cycling commuter will face every day

Do you cycle into work? You’ll relate to this so.

1) People walking on the bike lanes

AS A CYCLIST, I should have known this was sacred territory…but it took a hefty jolt and a ‘bike lane dickhead’ shout from a cyclist recently before I actually realised just how sacred.

Yes, nothing irks us more than our grounds being trespassed on…so stay off the bike lanes except you are on two wheels!

Dublin bike rental scheme Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

2) When all the bikes are gone

With bike theft soaring in the capital – and other cities around the country experiencing similar trends, more and more people are opting for schemes like the Dublin Bikes.

These things are as robust as tanks and have proven hugely popular in Cork and Galway also.

But nothing is more frustrating when you’re already late for work and you find they’ve all been taken from a station you’ve been going to since the scheme began.

3) When someone has taken ‘your’ spot to park it

Most people pick the bikes up in one station and drop them off in another.

This is all well and good until you arrive at your destination and find there’s no space left at the inn…meaning you’ll either have to wait until a space becomes available, or cycle to the nearest available station…

4) Greasy manhole covers…on corners

Commuting can feel like a race at times with so many cyclists all headed in the one direction. Some have earphones on, some talk to friends, some are still half asleep and more are admiring the scenery…

So pay attention or that wet manhole cover will take you down!

5) Buses and cars driving in the bike lanes

Dublin city stock Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

This is where it starts to get serious and you will always come off second best if there’s a collision.

Cyclists blame motorists for clogging the streets and motorists will probably argue the opposite but when there’s limited space, it’s the cyclists who suffer.

6) Other cyclists

Cyclists aren’t a united bunch, either, it must be said, and from braking suddenly to deviating from our lines, we attract the ire of our peers.

There are so many cyclists now and though the infrastructure has definitely improved, there’s still a lack of space to cater for the volume of traffic.

7) When bike lanes end for no reason!

You can cruise along pretty much on auto-pilot in the bike lane but when the lane comes to a dramatic halt your safety is in the hands of all those around you…and that is a frightening prospect for some!

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