Morris has described Twitter as "a nightmare" for coaches. im Ireland/PA Archive/Press Association Images
tweeting hell

Cricket chief compares Twitter to a machine gun, calls players 'monkeys'

The England cricket chief has criticised players for their compulsive use of Twitter.

HUGH MORRIS, THE managing director of the English cricket team, has hit out at players’ use of Twitter, saying it’s “like giving a machine gun to a monkey”.

Kevin Pietersen was forced to apologise last year, following a controversial tweet he made after being omitted from the England squad.

In addition, other well-known cricketers such as Graeme Swann tweet on a regular basis.

And while Morris said that he “gets” Twitter, he also indicated that he had serious concerns about the medium, explaining that “it can be an absolute disaster too,” and adding:

‘When it’s done poorly it is a complete and utter nightmare for those of us trying to manage and lead teams.”

Morris also revealed that England’s Ashes win last summer was helped by a detailed plan to manage the players’ wives and girlfriends involving giving them pep talks and separating from them for a considerable period of time.

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