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This month
May 2024
Tens of thousands take part in Darkness Into Light
Last year
Darkness into Light raises almost €4 million for Pieta House this year
Tens of thousands take part in Darkness Into Light events across the country
All time
Photos: Thousands of people across the country take part in Darkness Into Light
FactCheck: No, Darkness into Light is not cancelled, despite claims by anti-lockdown activists
'The sun does rise and there's always a way through things, using the people around you'
Photos: People around Ireland share photos of their sunrise to raise money for Pieta House
Pieta offers redundancies and all staff salaries have been cut by up to 30%
Darkness into Light fundraising event cancelled over coronavirus fears
Thousands of people across the country walked from Darkness into Light this morning
'I'm not the only one going through this difficult time': Darkness Into Light launches Wall of Hope in Dublin
In photos: Stunning summer morning as 200,000 walk from Darkness into Light
'I look at my kids and I think there is so much I would have missed had I gone through with it'
Christy Galligan
'He told us his head was melted. The help didn't come quick enough'
Aiveen Cully-Dunne
'I never thought I'd end up at a funeral at 18 watching everyone in my school break down'
Rachel O'Neill
'It wasn't about anything that happened in my life, it was about the black hole'
Rebecca McInerney
'I'm getting better about ignoring the black dog, I've locked him outside and I haven't fed him in years'
Stephen Considine
'It can save lives. I know it saved mine': Amateur painters create a very personal Darkness Into Light
Suicide rates are falling - but how can we get them to zero?
'I'm surprised that the leader of our country had the neck to walk in Darkness Into Light'
'Thanks for saving her': 4 people tell us why they walked from Darkness Into Light
'A movement like no other': It was a record-breaking year for Darkness Into Light
In photos: Over 150,000 people at 150 locations take part in Darkness into Light
Right now, around 150,000 people are about to walk from Darkness Into Light
This Humans of Dublin post tells the bittersweet story of how Darkness Into Light began
'Darkness Into Light allows us to talk about the wound left by suicide'
'I phoned my mother at 4.30am. I couldn't say a word. She brought me to hospital'
'I was going to end my life or I was going to get better. That was the choice I had'
'The hallucinations were 100% real to me. But people were telling me there was nothing there'
Brian Scallan
'In my head, I didn't deserve to be helped. I was broken and couldn't be fixed'
Hannah Tyrrell
'Paul wanted to talk. But there was nobody to talk to'
Patricia Turner
'I'd lie if I said it wasn't frustrating': Leinster prop to consider future plans in coming weeks
This man ran right through Christmas night to raise money for Pieta House
Choirs across Ireland came out to show wonderful support for Darkness Into Light
Choirs across Ireland came out to show wonderful support for Darkness Into Light
Darkness Into Light: 120,000 people take part in annual suicide prevention event
'Sport is a form of medicine for me and provides a release from everything else in life'
Supporting my mam through depression: 'We never give up trying to make her feel loved'
'Imagine being suicidal and waiting hours and hours for help'
In pictures: runners on their marks for Darkness Into Light event this morning