Dewayne Wise fakes catch, fools umpire while fan snatches ball

Here’s your truly bizarre MLB play of the day.

YouTube Credit: SaviorRoseDragonPS3

WE HAVE SEEN this play a thousand times. A fielder leaps into the stands and emerges miraculously with the ball in his glove. Did he actually catch it? Or did he sneak the ball into his glove after falling beyond the wall? We never know, and the umpires don’t care.

But at least there is usually, you know, a ball in the glove.

Behold Replica Yankee Stadium and the Yankees versus the Indians. Jack Hannahan hits a flyball and Dewayne Wise goes into the stands and makes the grab. Or at least the umpire thought so.

Only one problem: Wise didn’t even have the ball. And the umpire didn’t even look for the ball.

So where was it? Watch the replay from 0:34 onwards. See that guy in the red shirt bending down to pick something up? Yup…

– Cork Gaines

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