Diary of a Fantasy Gaffer: If in doubt, blame the formation

We think we’ve finally figured out the real reason why TheScore Machine have been performing so poorly.

Luis Suarez has carried our team at times this season.
Luis Suarez has carried our team at times this season.
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LAST WEEK, I argued that the reason why my Fantasy Football team is doing so badly is due to the intensive end-of-season fixture pile-ups, however now I realise I was being disingenuous.

Nevertheless, I still refuse to the blame the players for the fact that we are now in the somewhat pathetic position of 747th.

Instead, I’m humbly holding myself as being solely to blame — from the start of the season, my tactics were all wrong.

How were the players supposed to perform in a 4-3-3 formation? Moreover, the tiki-taka style employed was far too ambitious. Instead, a parking of the bus in the form of playing at least five defenders every week was needed.

And like Liverpool, I was overly reliant on Luis Suarez — yes, he’s been responsible for a fair share of my points, but we can’t keep relying on him alone to deliver week in week out.

Consequently, naive tactics and poor decision-making means our fate is out of our hands — and we’re thus relying on our rivals (just the 746 teams ahead of us) to slip-up if we’re to have any chance of success.

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So will Everton other Fantasy players be able to rescue us from our own self-defeating and naive tactics by performing with similar levels of incompetence in order to help the team achieve our long-held ambition of finishing in the top 700 of’s Fantasy league? I wouldn’t bet on it.


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