Mamic has caused controversy in the past following a series of clashes with journalists. Sport Belgrade/Press Association Images

Dinamo Zagreb director arrested after allegedly brawling with police

Zdravko Mamic is arrested after he was accused of forcefully preventing police from arresting supporters.

ANOTHER DIRECTOR AT a prominent football club has been arrested, but for once, it’s not on charges of corruption.

According to reports, Dinamo Zagreb executive Zdravko Mamic has been arrested, following his protest at what he termed the ‘shameful behaviour’ of police in their efforts to curtail the celebrations of two of the club’s supporters.

The supporters in question had run onto the field to celebrate during Dinamo’s first-leg Champions League victory over Malmo.

Mamic then allegedly tried to prevent the police from arresting the duo. He said in a statement:

“I just protested and asked a policeman to leave the supporters who rushed to the field to celebrate (Dinamo) victory and not to arrest them, because that night was reserved for our celebrations.”

Mamic has a reputation for being volatile and has threatened journalists in the past (see video below).

He has also come under scrutiny by police before, after he was accused of being involved in fixing international matches.

Warning: the video below contains explicit language.

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