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'Father Damo' missing the OTB lads already, releases heartfelt statement

Comedian Joe Rooney is coming to terms with the fact that he’ll have to listen something other than Ken Early’s Football Show before he goes to sleep at night.

A FORMER FATHER Ted favourite has proclaimed his love for the Off The Ball team.

Irish comedian Joe Rooney, still best-loved for his role as the earring-wearing, Oasis-loving, irreverent Father Damo, has turned to Facebook to reveal that he is gutted to hear the news that Messrs McDevitt, Early, Murphy, Horgan and Hicks have departed Newstalk.

“I’m really gutted that the Off The Ball team are off the air,” the status update reads. “It has been the highlight in radio broadcasting in this country for the last 8 years.

“Sports broadcasting can be stuffy and unimaginative both here and across the water that it can actually put you off sport. I took a greater interest in Gaelic football in the last 5 years purely because of Off The Ball and Ger Gilroy’s Weekend show.

I’m going to miss the banter between Eoin Mc Devitt and Ken Early, Murph’s Country pages and Administrator Of The Week along with many other funny and informative items so much.

“I must confess for the last few months the last thing I heard at night before I went to sleep was Ken Early’s Football Show podcast and would often wake at 2 in the morning to hear Ken and Eoin nattering away from my iPhone. I hope they are back soon somewhere.”

So, which one do you prefer… Gilroy or McDevitt?

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(h/t: Mark May)

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